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New Article: Object Focus
News posted 8th August, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Jannis Stoppe, the creator of the pretty decent Entrance Gate, has created another pretty decent thing. It's a really cool article (and very long, might I add) about Artificial Intelligence and what he calls "object focus". It's a very helpful article, and can be read HERE

Posted by Mitch M 8th August, 2003

Damn you circy XD I said I was gonna post this :p
Posted by The Chris Street 8th August, 2003

You said that yesterday lol...besides, Jannis asked me to post it XD And I thought it was a very good article too, one of the best Ive ever read here.
Posted by Broomie 8th August, 2003

Better than the click convention 2002 report? :P


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