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Hot news: Free web space
News posted 14th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Ohh yes we all know those so called free web providers suck, with there banners and low bandwidth but Mark from iclickzone will soon be your next best friend. He is planning on hosting your site for free! Here is some info about his great new plans:  I've serious plans to come back to the community with a pack of services for clickers. Now for the new service, webhosting is something clickers need these days, more and more free webproviders are going bankrupt or cutting services in order to survive, so I'd happy to provide adfree webspace to clickers under the flag of iclickzone. There're will be 2 packages, the first is basic (current name) for clickers/click company's, the second is community. Community hosting includes more webspace and more scripts supported + FTP login. You can find much more info at:

Posted by MasterM 14th May, 2002

sounds are cool. thx man
Posted by Tempyst 14th May, 2002

Posted by Simdrone052 14th May, 2002

YAY, sounds good!!!!
Posted by 14th May, 2002

"sounds are cool"


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