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Convention Attendees Reap Their Own Rewards!
News posted 13th August, 2003 by The Chris Street  
I read this a few days ago, and was reminded again by my Royal Clickteam Informer today, that all attendees at the Click Convention 2003 will be able to select a free gift! There are five available gifts, and Clickteam's losses could be your gain ;)

You can choose from:

  • Install Creator
  • Patch Maker
  • 50% off Multimedia Fusion 1.5 (Standard Edition)
  • 50% off Jamagic (Standard Edition)
  • Jamagic Pocket PC Runtime (I have absolutely no idea what this is XD)

    In addition to this, Clickteam are awarding other prizes in a random drawing (or raffle, if you will). They haven't finalised all of these yet, but will include:

  • The Jamagic book - Elementary Game Programming
  • Captain Audio and SFX2 sound effects libraries

    So, if you want free gifts, then you're going to have to pay for those tickets! Which kind of doesn't make sense ;)

  • Posted by Eric 13th August, 2003

    The Jamagic Pocket PC Runtime is probubly the runtime for the palm-pilots.
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th August, 2003

    That's what I deduced too.
    Posted by Jenswa 13th August, 2003

    Does jamagic pocket pc runtime, enables jamagic games on the pocket pc?? Just curious.
    Posted by TS Team 13th August, 2003

    IS THIS IN EUROPE!? AWWW MAN! Why cant they have one in California of USA!?
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th August, 2003

    Why would they? Clickteam are based in France.
    Posted by ShadowCaster 13th August, 2003

    Clickteam are based in France, but they also have employees from the USA (i.e. Nova, Jeff, etc). The PocketPC Runtime allows you to compile games and have them executable on, as the name suggests, PocketPC's. It does not allow Jamagic to be run on PocketPC's, only games and applications you create with it. I find it extremely useful.
    Posted by Burfelt 14th August, 2003

    It's important to rememeber that the clickconvention isn't held by Clickteam, but by the clickconvention committee. The clickconvention was started by fans and Clickteam is invited as guests. Anyone in US are welcome to arrange a clickconvention. For more information on Clickconvention Go to
    Posted by ChrisB 14th August, 2003

    You're all wrong. The PocketPC runtime is a mind-control device which lets you manipulate the space-time continuum using a few objects and JamaScript. Here is an example: mind.SetDestination(myHouse); mind.StartWarp(); // keep warping till we get our destination while(mind.Hyperspacing()) { mind.Warp(5); mind.ControlRandomDCUser(); // create a random daily click idiot } As you see it's a very potent device and it's already been in use for a few months.
    Posted by Pete Nattress 14th August, 2003

    Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 14th August, 2003

    I would love to see a convention in the USA sometime. As FM says... make it and they will come. If you can seriously get something going (next summer?) I could work on getting Francois over here at least... maybe even Yves and David. Now the one big problem that has stopped all USA conventions... Everyone lives too far apart :( If you keep an eye on the UG Expo site ( maybe we can arrange a mini-Clickteam convention to be at those locations (if they pull themselves together and we decide to attend after they wasted our time and money this year) Another option is the Indie Games conference Yet another option is to get involved with your local IGDA group and perhaps Clickteam can come and do something with the chapters (we did a mini expo at the LA chapter last year) So there are some options but we need a group of users to make it happen. A couple times in the past users have tried but no one was willing to travel. For the UK conventions we have had people come from far away and I hope the UK conventions can continue for a long long time.


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