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New Trailer: Ignac 2
News posted 20th August, 2003 by Rikus  

It was a bit silent for Ignac 2 for a while but the wait was worth it and we finally got some news about this great game made by Igor. For one the game is not made with click products anymore. Also Igor put up the greatest trailer in the world up for download and i really suggest you should check it out because its fantastic..the graphics, the animation, the soundeffects, the music, that main voice in the trailer...WOW..and this is only a trailer.. can't wait for the full version:) Comments from the Author: It's been a while since Ignac2 was first announced and yes, it's still very much alive. While it's not Click project anymore (MMF will be used for start menu and interactive game's manual though), i still think some of you will be interested to hear whats going on with the game. Ignac2 is a sequel to 1998's TGF classic point&click adventure game. Click here to download the trailer and read its reviews.

Posted by MasterM 21st August, 2003

I am waiting for part 2 since I have played part 1 to it’s end just one day after it came out. I fucking love that great video. Are you already an animator or is that just some stuff for your portfolio, Igor? Did you use Illustrator for the backgrounds and Flash for the animation stuff? Good luck with that game. You are my hero and adventure games will never die (I am not such a big fan of all those new Japanese 3d games):-)
Posted by Mattis Berngöran 22nd August, 2003

Its a great trailer! I cant wait for the game!


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