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Last news post for the season
News posted 26th August, 2003 by Rikus  
Hi folks, you might have noticed that my updates have been rather slim the past week, i have a good reason because the holiday season is over for me and my time is limited once again. I'll be around the site for a couple of weeks but after that i'll be gone for a bit.  I'm hoping to be back around november to do some updating but who knows what will have happened by then. Anyway i just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the site and i hope you all will keep doing so. Its been my pleasure keeping the site updated almost every day this summer i hope i will be able to do it again soon:) Until next time... Rikus

Posted by Muggus 26th August, 2003

Catchya later Rikus old buddy, all the best :D
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th August, 2003

yep, have fun, thanks for coming back!
Posted by Nobuyuki 26th August, 2003

go rikus go rikus go go rikus go rikus go rikus rikus RAP!111 haha :p
Posted by Dogzer 26th August, 2003

that guy looks 3d
Posted by RapidFlash 26th August, 2003

Well, see ya next summer.
Posted by Bzzt! 26th August, 2003

Bye Rikus! Though it doesn't surprise me to see Dogzer missing the point completely...
Posted by CYS 28th August, 2003

All the best! Until next time, we will be waiting for you!
Posted by Marine 30th August, 2003

I'll see you later! Goodbye!


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