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News: New mode 7 extension!
News posted 15th May, 2002 by Rikus  
Well this is interesting, in less then a month, Marcello is planning to release a new version of his mode 7 extension called: Mode7 ex. Here is some spiffy info right from Marcello: Along with the core rebuild, many previous bugs have been fixed. In Mode 7 ex you can import and edit all of your images directly in MMF, and they will be compiled into your application. One of the most exciting new features in Mode 7 ex is integrated Voxel support. In Mode 7 ex you can load in a grayscale image (either internally stored or from a file) as a 'height map'. This means you can create hills, mountains, valleys, rough terrain, slopes, and more! Mode 7 ex also features several new advanced render options.  Well that sure sounds exciting, could we be making Mario Card clones in the near future? We will keep you updated on this exciting new extension.

Posted by GregB 15th May, 2002

Cello is our friend, worship his work. (*cough*)
Posted by 15th May, 2002

he sux sometimes
Posted by 15th May, 2002

LoL Chris. So true. :D
Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

w00t, dejavu but w00t
Posted by chrilley 15th May, 2002

2D beats 1D! 3D Beats 2D!
Posted by hello 15th May, 2002

Cmon Cello, you can do it!
Posted by Mark 15th May, 2002

Who would make a 1D game? Anyhow, the voxel thing looks interesting, even though I doubt it will run at all on my computer.
Posted by vigge 18th May, 2002

its' impossible to make an 1D game :p
Posted by Zapper 30th August, 2005

Hmmm I know im a few years late, but is Vib Ribbon a 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D game?! Who knows! Shame it didn't actually go with the timing of the tunes at all...


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