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News - Yet Another Generous DC Donator!
News posted 7th September, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Special thanks go today to Stian Berge, who very kindly donated ten dollars to our cause. This donation will help us stay online longer. Cheers Stian!

Posted by Pkeod 7th September, 2003

What about me? :P
Posted by The Chris Street 7th September, 2003

you donated too? I don't remember getting a mail from Rikus about that...
Posted by Rikus 7th September, 2003

Pkeod donated 10 cents wich after the stuff paypal takes from you leaves us with 0 cents when we transfer it to the dc acount. So i gave the 10 cents back to pkeod. That's why it say's on the donation page you can donate anything from 1 dollar and up.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 7th September, 2003

better luck next time Pkeod;)
Posted by Mark 7th September, 2003

10 cents? You must REALLY love the Daily Click.
Posted by Ashman 8th September, 2003

LOL! Pkoed is funny!
Posted by Assault Andy 8th September, 2003

Ty very much. LOL @ Pkoed. -Andy
Posted by DeadmanDines 8th September, 2003

Thankyou Stian.
Posted by ChrisB 8th September, 2003

Yay for Stian! Now I don't care if you keep beating me on Crabby's Jelly Smash 2!
Posted by gustav 8th September, 2003

on another note: someone needs to cut the nails on that chubby hand to the left. ew.
Posted by Pkeod 8th September, 2003

I think Ill dontate 2 dollars :P that is... when i decided to put money on my account!


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