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Game Of The Week Page Returns
News posted 15th May, 2002 by Rikus  
It took me a while but i "updated" the awards page with the new design. I could not find all the games back, but most of them can be downloaded again and all the links should work fine.. If you did not try out the games on this special page then i suggest you do. They have been choosen by the visitors of the daily to be one of the best games. A new poll for best game of the week will return this friday.

Posted by DarrenMcLeod 15th May, 2002

You're missing Eagle Hunt, by Yair Charutz. for it.
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 15th May, 2002

Oops, I should have mentioned that Eagle Hunt was a GOTW winner before the site shut down.


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