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Free! The Games Factory Pro!
News posted 15th October, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Quick post. For those of you who are after The Games Factory Pro, you can get the full version for FREE (that's FREE!) on the cover of a magazine called GameMaker. The magazine itself features a Snowboarding tutorial to help new users get to grasps (and Joe Podge Scorpion has uploaded a version in the Downloads section).

By the way, this only applies to those living in the UK. For anyone who attended the Clickteam Convention, a copy should be on its way.

The magazine normally costs 5.99, and can be found in WH Smith, Woolworths, Tesco, Sainsburys, and most other newsagents. However, if you're having trouble, phone 0870 444 8659 - a customer service, and they'll send it to you for an extra pound.

Or visit THIS SITE for more details.

Posted by AndyUK 15th October, 2003

wahey! i got tgf standard lets hope i can find a copy of this mag somewhere
Posted by Shen 15th October, 2003

tgf :(
Posted by Blackgaze 15th October, 2003

i go get it now. READ My forum board "The Games Factory Extreme". That what it was, my mate was wrong and it was not The Games Factory extreme, it was The Games Factory pro
Posted by Pkeod 15th October, 2003

This is one reason why I want to move to the UK. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it and not live in the UK???
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 15th October, 2003

The UK is truly the place to be.
Posted by ChrisB 15th October, 2003

You might find it in W H Smiths, and all good newsagents (but not bad ones, mind you). I received a copy on Monday, and it was only sent on Saturday! :O
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2003

Updated news post.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2003

Be really really really pissed off.
Posted by ChrisB 15th October, 2003

Argh, my rubbishy DVD drive doesn't read the disc!
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2003

It doesnt read mine either.
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 15th October, 2003

er can you still get it ? i want it.
Posted by Rhys D 15th October, 2003

People in Australia, there was also a magazine with the games factory free on the cover. I forget it's name though.
Posted by Rhys D 15th October, 2003

Posted by istvan 15th October, 2003

pity i just bought TGF pro over the net for 70 dollars(aus)
Posted by Hagar 16th October, 2003

Im off to get it, thanks Circy!
Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2003

Akira, I didn't steal it. All convention attendees were sent a copy of the magazine, so I posted news about it. For once, stop being so big headed :P
Posted by Deathbringer 16th October, 2003

Bah, my village shop doesnt have it, but then if they did i'd be the only person that buys it XD, ahh well..does it have the pro licence? so i'd be able to knock out a pong clone, slap the felney logo on it and sell it to gullible idiots at katsucon for 5 dollars a time? XD
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 16th October, 2003

heheheh got the last copy of the mag in wolverhampton tooday. me very :)
Posted by Deathbringer 16th October, 2003

what, the whole city? XD
Posted by renneF 16th October, 2003

I bloody paid nz70$ for it!!! Now it's bargain bin stuff the comes free on magazine covers!
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 16th October, 2003

yep the whole city
Posted by DEC Stuff 16th October, 2003

Don't you guys have BEST BUY?
Posted by Deathbringer 17th October, 2003

Okay, i found what was probably the last copy in ely, TGF pro is only the beginning of what is on this monster disc XD, it has demos of MMF and Jamagic, along with Milkshape, Gmax, Game maker, tons and tons of mods for half life, UT 2003 ect, and stuff to mod Vice city with (though unfortunatley the excellent VCMM is now dead, so you have to install mods manually XD)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 17th October, 2003

I'm gonna have to get this.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 17th October, 2003

- you can get the serial from a website - But that would be an pirate/warez version - The version with the magazine is a full legal version. 6 pounds is a small price to pay plus you are showing Game Maker Magazine they should continue and do issue number 2.
Posted by Airflow 18th October, 2003

If Game maker Magazine isn't goin' to make with the MMF pro version they can stick issue 2! (chant) TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF! TGF!
Posted by Matt Boothman 20th October, 2003

I just bought MMF, so I don't need the mag, but if I didn't this would have been one useful piece of software.


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