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New Preview: Arctic Warfare
News posted 16th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Wow if the story in arctic warfare was true then us humans would be in deep trouble. Comments from Author: under the ice-cap of Antarctica, a species has evolved alongside humans, yet they have managed to remain totally anonymus. The penguins. After the melting of Antarctica, they were forced to find refuge in the only place that could support life. The Arctic. The humans who remained behind are determined to turn the Arctic into farmland by applying new terraforming techniques. The penguins don't like that one bit and soon a war erupts between the two species. You are Dennis the penguin. You mission - to eliminate the human threat on the planet. Click here to read the full preview

Posted by DrJake 16th May, 2002

Who ever wrote that story line, well done! lol
Posted by Canaryman 17th May, 2002

i did, and i did it in a couple of minutes. Well, i do have a paranoid fear that penguins will take over the world XD


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