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Mini DC Christmas Competition Results!
News posted 28th December, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Well folks, we have the results of the Mini Daily Click Christmas Competition! In case you were wondering, the challenge was to create a small platform game, with at least four levels, in only a few days. An additional catch is that the game had to be 900kb or under.

Interestingly, this mini competition had as many entries as last years main Daily Click Christmas competition - twelve! Each of the games was of a pretty high quality, and thus it was very difficult to decide a winner. However, after much pondering, I have done just that. I'm also including the positions of the other eleven games, so their respective authors can find out how well they themselves did. Thanks to all who entered!

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Santa: Operation Slim, created by CYS!!! It features great graphics, and wonderful level design, and an engine to die for. And yes, even though Circy Claus is in it, in no way did that influence my decision. A wonderful peice of work... could almost be a Master System game. CYS wins 25 DC points (yes, I'm feeling generous!)

Cli ck here to download Santa: Operation Slim - temporary URL

The Next Eleven

2. Christmas Of Ice, by Fifth. A very interesting platformer with parallax. Aside from the title screen, very professionally done.

3. Sant a Escape, by RhysD. Very simplistic platformer, which reminds me of Mario. The snowboarding stage is frustrating as hell, and Santa doesn't always jump when you want him to.

4. Anothe r Christmas Carol, by Aku. Lovely graphics, and the engine is solid. You can walk through some walls however, and I really hate the moving platforms.

5. Santa Dawg, by JD and NickStudios. Minimalist backgrounds, annoying snowmen, and occasional bad jumping doesn't stop this game clinging to the top five.

6. The Grinch, by Spiderhead. Nice engine, and it's quite easy and fun to play. However, there's some shocking level design, resulting in sudden deaths by floordrop.

7. Santas New List, by Shme. Might not be graphically wonderful, but this game is fun to play. Definately not bad at all.

8. Emergency Christmas Dash, by Jerry. Very, very hard platformer, but the engine is quality. Its hardness is unfair, meaning it isn't as fun as it could be.

9. Santa man, by Strife. The engine is a bit clumsy, and a couple of levels are badly designed. The snowball engine is annoying, and this is a little boring perhaps.

10. Northlander , by Mutantlegsoft. Nice engine, but again its unfairly hard. The enemy doesn't recoil, meaning that if you hit it, you're likely to get hurt. The engine is a modified version of the standard MMF movement. Had great potential to be the winner, but it falls flat on its face. I've seen much better from you, Mr Legsoft ;)

11. Present Stealer, by Mkingy. Not very good at all. Pink Panther music? The game is very sluggish, and some gaps are almost too big to jump across. I didn't enjoy this...but at least it wasn't disqualified...

DQ. Super Mario Santa, by pr0. Disqualified because it's not a klik game!

Posted by Mitch M 28th December, 2003

Wooo! Cystein Creations grabs 1st and 4th place :D Although I don't really think I deserve to win. There's a huge bug in the second level which makes it impossible the clear level 2. This meens you haven't seen level 3 'n 4. And nr. 3 is the best level of the bunch! It's where you can climb ropes :D
Posted by Mitch M 28th December, 2003

[edit] Although I don't really think I deserve 4th place... :)
Posted by Blackgaze 28th December, 2003

Well done CYS, I knew it would win. My game came 7th :( But level designing is a weakness of mine. Super Mario got disqualified lol!
Posted by The Chris Street 28th December, 2003

7th??? o_O It was actually meant to come 6th... I forgot to switch your game around.
Posted by Hayo 28th December, 2003

congratulations all :)
Posted by Blackgaze 28th December, 2003

Posted by MasterM 28th December, 2003

Congratulations everybody! Here’s what I did for the competition: I worked less than an hour on that. I really loved to finish that game but sadly I am very busy so I couldn’t finish it. I only needed 3 hours! Only 3 hours! Well whatever. Sadly I just have 3 hours spare time a day (Stupid job) and I was very tired and I also had to buy Christmas gifts (We celebrate Christmas on the 24th) so I couldn’t finish that game. What a pity. Please download it and tell me what you think about it :)
Posted by Fifth 28th December, 2003

Kweh! 'Twas a good competition! Congratulations, CYS! Good show, all!
Posted by Kris 28th December, 2003

fun little 'coffee' break game, but the screen doesn't resize properly on the monitor, so the edges all get clipped
Posted by Kris 28th December, 2003

'coffee break' even
Posted by MasterM 28th December, 2003

are you talking about my game? and WOW it's the good ol' kris. Merry Christmas, buddy
Posted by Kris 28th December, 2003

you too :D well i was talking about CYS's... i'm just going through the rest of the list now X)
Posted by Kris 28th December, 2003

does "Christmas of ice" run painfully slowly for anyone else? damn MMF games
Posted by MasterM 28th December, 2003

it's also very slow on my pc.
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 28th December, 2003

whii 7th..not bad for 4-5 hours of work. atleast I got home a day sooner
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 28th December, 2003

anyway Circy or other admins, there should be more little compo's, like every month or two. Just give out the theme a put a 4-5 day deadline...If you don't have the time, i'm sure there will be many other folks willing to download them all and rank them.
Posted by AfterStar 28th December, 2003

Santa:Operation Slim (CYS) reminds me of WARIO(3) in GBA!While you travel you gain new abilities like in Wario!Funny game... Well done CYS and the rest!
Posted by CYS 29th December, 2003

Yay hurray! Hope you guys enjoy my game. :D Anyway, the url is
Posted by Lew 29th December, 2003

Super Mario Santa isn't a klik game? How do you know? The file properties are mmf ones.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 29th December, 2003

yea and it looks very much like a click game plus the command line parameters work on it ...but in the file its not named super mario santa so maybe he switched game just to make us confused ....or not cause then i dont think he would name it something else...
Posted by Blackgaze 29th December, 2003

yeah CYS's game ran slow on my computer as well.
Posted by CYS 29th December, 2003

Don't care about DaveC. He loves to boast. :P
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 29th December, 2003

Honest opinion here. Ok santa slim is fun to play , but the engine isn't "To die for".It is kind of buggy and glitchy. Also there are a few bugs like in the cave level (the one you roll into).If you hit enemies just right you will be forced through the ceiling forcing you to have to go to the edge of the level and kill yourself. The game also crashes on random intervals so i didn't finish it. Well overall its a kind of fun game.The graphics are pretty good , but some looked rushed (who cares :-p) (WTF is that flying thing lol). Well good job everyone.I should enter next compo this site has.(Come on admins set up a compo every few months like some1 mentioned aove).Well good job.Later.
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 29th December, 2003

me be some1
Posted by CYS 29th December, 2003

heh...i know it has tons of bugs and all that. If i have more time, i might change those enemies and improve on the engine.
Posted by The Chris Street 30th December, 2003

It didnt say Multimedia Fusion Standalone Application on said something like LF App or something.
Posted by Teapot 3rd January, 2004

and chicken is STILL a tosser


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