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non klik news: Star wars 2 Attack of the clones!
News posted 16th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Alright so it has nothing to do with klik but the new star wars movie has been released world-wide, and i would love to know if all you clickers out there liked it or hated it. I have not seen the movie myself but i will check it out next week. 

Posted by Zircon 16th May, 2002

I'm going to watch the movie... Haven't seen it yet, but I know for sure it's gona be a damnnnn nice movie. :D
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 16th May, 2002

I have seen the star wars movie and it was great! There are many cool scenes with jedis and stuff. Definately worth seeing.
Posted by Zircon 16th May, 2002

I heard there lots of Jedi's in this one :) Lots of Rendering those swords :D
Posted by Smeech 16th May, 2002

I have a feeling this will be my least favorite SW. Too much dialog, not enough SWs! :D
Posted by 16th May, 2002

I've heard Yoda is fighting in this one! I'd love to see that little green dude jump around killing people :D
Posted by Joshtek 16th May, 2002

"I've heard Yoda is fighting in this one! I'd love to see that little green dude jump around killing people " Lol, me too - which is why I got the Yoda HL model for the original HL multiplay :p
Posted by [HTS]HetH 16th May, 2002

Going to see it next week and Iīm pretty sure it will rock. Heard that the fighting scene between Yoda and Count Dooku is one of the coolest things ever in a star wars movie *lol* Probably thatīs why they call him the Jedi Master ;)
Posted by Simdrone052 16th May, 2002

It is a GOOG MOVIE! A lot better than episode 1 (which I thought sucked) Some of the characters suck at acting, but for the most part the acting is good. The FX are wonderful, and yoda ROCKS! Go see it. Spider man was good too.
Posted by GameMakerPro 16th May, 2002

It sound's great, hope it's as good as it sounds :P:):|:(:D
Posted by Marcello 16th May, 2002

From what I've read, it is very disappointing... poor lines, bad acting, lots of talking with bad lines, and the 'romantic' bit is supposed to be pretty lame... Then again I'll probably see it anyway... like maybe in the fall
Posted by Dave Jones 16th May, 2002

I've seen it. It's totally good. The story is deep, works on a lot of layers if you actually think about it instead of going off moaning about acting...havent all the star wars films had their share of bad actors? =P. YES yoda fights, its DAMN funny but BRILLIANT at the same time. It's all totally enjoyable, much better than Episode 1, and an excellent adition to the series
Posted by citizen[Ac] 16th May, 2002

Well i was one of those who went to the midnight showing and i'm glad i did. Sure the movie isn't oscar calibar, but it was darn entertaining. I liked how they did alot of foreshadowing into Anikan's evolution into the dark side. Yoda kicks some serious arse too!!
Posted by HiredGun 16th May, 2002

Episode 1 was a dissapointment. Atleast the passing of the years has sealed the ever-lasting quality of the first three SW films...
Posted by Andi Smith 16th May, 2002

Just seen it :) Better than Episode 1 overall, and closer to the original 3 than the first too (as in the vehicle are more in keeping with the older films - although the newer craft are still in it for consitancy. I like the visiting of locations from the older films too, like the farm on Tatooine. Some great sequences in it, but I feel the Episode 1 light sabre battle with Darth Maul was still better. Yoda light sabre battle = genius. CP30's short part is also VERY funny. At the end of the day, Episode 2 failed to have a spectacular enemy like the other films (Vader/Maul) - the bounty hunter bit felt a bit tacked on. Romantic scenes were very corny.. but it was still a great film and one everyone should see. And as for the acting, well... it's STAR WARS. Mark Hamill was a crap actor too, you know. There just keeping with the crap acting theme :)
Posted by 16th May, 2002

It's good! Nice effects, good storyline, and cool scenes. I'd recommend seeing it as soon as possible. It's better than episode 1! PS: I haven't seen it yet XD
Posted by Joshtek 17th May, 2002

"I've heard Yoda is fighting in this one! I'd love to see that little green dude jump around killing people " Lol, me too - which is why I got the Yoda HL model for the original HL multiplay :p
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th May, 2002

It's pretty cool... But it reminds me of how much better Lord of the Rings is.. This one had bad acting (ala George Lucas stiffeling the actors) which made the plot/love story scenes pretty lame. But seeing Yoda lay the smack down was just awesome. I still think Spider man was a better movie.. but the Yoda fight was probably the best LS fight ever.. though Empire still has the best LS fight set = freezing chamber. And the Caminos are dope.. very cool design.
Posted by Canaryman 17th May, 2002

There's a Yoda model for vanilla HL?! WHERE!
Posted by jast 17th May, 2002

Well, it wasn't that brilliant. The story tried to be kind of deep, but the writers seemed to be busy in fitting the storyline into the one of Episodes 4-6, meaning that if you've seen these ones, you should be able to know what is going to happen. Episode 1 was better. It wasn't that obvious what had to happen in it.
Posted by Zircon 18th May, 2002

Hmmm there was some unpredictable things.. Like that those troopers. and the yoda part SWEET
Posted by ChrisOch 19th May, 2002

I liked it alot. I still don't think that I have fully taken the whole thing in yet though. Yes, Yoda did kick some butt, but I was hoping he would do a little more. Hayden Christenson was pretty good, and he definately has the pre-Darth evil growing inside him. Yes, there were many corny lines, but Lucas isn't going for Oscar calibur lines here, just a fun entertaining movie for the whole family, which is why I love Star Wars any way :)!! Jar Jar pretty much hands control over to the future emperor, which is funny, because he officially becomes a very important character that sets up all the rest of the movies. Definately a visual treat, even for today's jaded movie goers!!
Posted by Spydaman 14th July, 2002

True, the name of the newbie has been kinda downrated due to the past actions of others. But Baku has a point. If you enter into a profession say, architect, people in that biz will call you an architect (although there may be some cases when they're called amatures but that that is common in all places) so when oyu think about it, newbies are everywhere. It's not something that can easily be abolished.


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