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News posted 23rd January, 2004 by Rikus  
Welcome to the Island:) I have been working on a new site and for the past couple of days some people have been testing it out for me, but now finally its done. I have been gone for a while because yes your old click friend Rikus got married and is wearing a ring:) And with my own house and bills to pay things where really hectic for some time. I'm a bit more settled in now and i just because i love it so much wanted to create another site. I had a blast:) I took my time and now its done.

Clickisland is a community site with a twist its not to compete against the dc or any other site i want it to find its own little spot. Away from everything else that's why it's on a island:) With the site you can submit your game but the twist is that the game has to be reviewed within 7 days otherwise the game gets voted of the site. So only the games people are willing to write a review for will stay on the site. The site will focus more on the review side of things. It has a forum, links section, etc all the goodies you would expect. The site has been made using a modified version of postnuke and lots of hacked modules and blocks because as i quickly noticed i had to hack into it to make a good quality and hopefully good looking community site. I hope everyone likes the site, i hope the site can find its spot. And like some people who know me like i did at first with the dc i'm not going to drop this site even if only 3 people a day are visiting it or 300 you have to keep supporting your site. I only reviewed some games (check them out:) And with every game i reviewed i added an interview with the author. You can find click island at:

Posted by Nobuyuki 23rd January, 2004

Please: No DC style reviews need apply... (more than 1 paragraph)
Posted by Klikmaster 23rd January, 2004

Wow, this site looks sweet!
Posted by Shen 23rd January, 2004

It's postnuked :(
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd January, 2004

You got married? Who's the unlucky bride? ;)
Posted by Rycon 23rd January, 2004

Keep it save, keep it secret? Just wondering, did you mean keep it SAFE? Save doesnt make sense.. or mabye im dumb.. :|
Posted by Mr Coffee 23rd January, 2004

It looks a little to cluttered but other than that, it's pretty good. The review thing is a little to easy to abuse. If you only want high quality games it's best to use the tried and true method of having an admin look over a game before it's posted. I am a little confused though, does Rikus still own the Daily Click? If so, then why is he making another site instead of putting the improvements he wants into this site?
Posted by Rycon 23rd January, 2004

*forgot to add* Nice site, nice indeed.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd January, 2004

Congrats Rikus
Posted by Nobuyuki 23rd January, 2004

mr. coffee: I don't know, I think he wants to make a DC style site, but with HIGHER QUALITY in it, like high quality reviews which are reminiscent of the AP-Zone. I don't think most DC'ers will get it and post crap reviews, or offer to review people's games for a price like "cross-reviewing" b.s. to get on the site. Maybe there should be a review rating system so bad games can be "blammed" like on Newgrounds too. LOL
Posted by Dark One 23rd January, 2004

Congratulations Rikus
Posted by Weston L 23rd January, 2004

whohoho nice work my friend
Posted by Ashman 23rd January, 2004

You sly old devil you, Rik. My man!!! Congratulations and all that.
Posted by Dr. James MD 23rd January, 2004

heh ive known of this for a while now ;) oh and whats the first game that got posted there :D heh
Posted by 24th January, 2004

Congratulations, Rikus!!!
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th January, 2004

married eh? nice one. this looks and sounds like a cool site, i wish you luck with it. i don't think that it being postnuke means anything, it's the actual content that's important, not how it's coded.
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th January, 2004

oh and what film is that quote from? i'm sure it's "keep it secret... keep it safe", not the other way round. just twigged... it's lord of the rings isn't it. *stupid*
Posted by Rikus 24th January, 2004

Damn Pete you broke my secret code;)
Posted by Brad  24th January, 2004

i'm impressed, considering this site was made in PHP nuke it actually looks like you put some time into converting the design, very nice job. The voted off in 7 days is quite clever too.
Posted by pulsecode 25th January, 2004

Nice stuff indeed! Really nice philosphy. I just hope poor games don't get 4 or 5 stars or you are contradicting yourself somewhat! (it has allready begun...) Certainly one of the nicest click sites at launch i have seen in a while anyway!
Posted by Jon Chambers 25th January, 2004

Okay, can some one sum it up for me, because I'm not very good at working it out from the description. What can I get from this island that I can't get here? This site is the only site I visit for my clickteam related subjects.
Posted by Jon Chambers 25th January, 2004

Okay, can some one sum it up for me, because I'm not very good at working it out from the description. What can I get from this island that I can't get here? This site is the only site I visit for my clickteam related subjects.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 25th January, 2004

well, what you dont get are double posters, lol. from the looks of it click island will feature a higher quality of games than TDC, but not be as strict as some other sites have.
Posted by Brad  25th January, 2004

yes yes, and the island has rikus! rikus is probably one of the hardest working updaters in klik history! unlike this site which gets updated maybe once a week rikus updates several times a day
Posted by Mr Coffee 25th January, 2004

I think high quality games will be submitted to both sites. Click island will probably have less games, but most of them will be high quality. Click island seems to have more in depth reviews, but less games.
Posted by Muggus 25th January, 2004

Congratulations on your marriage and the whole owning you own house deal Rikus. Hope it works out great for you! I like the look of the site. Seems homely and familiar...:)
Posted by Andi Smith 25th January, 2004

hmm, I'm a bit confused. Not meaning to sound nasty or anything - but ClickIsland sounds to me like direct competition to TDC in a competition it's likely to win because of the quality threshold. It's a strange move by you Mr Rikus, sir. Anyways, good luck and congrats on the ball and chain... er I mean RING.
Posted by SircatmaN 29th January, 2004

Riddle Me This... Rikus Owns DC, but Rikus owns Click Island? I smell Monopoly on Click community sites! Anyways its cool, but you really need some evil guy whos willing to tell everyone his grandma died so someone will review his game and he will win the $1 Million. Oh and get Rufus back he was a champion. Oh wait, thats Survivor, but theres no click games on Survivor?


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