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New Preview - Bernard and Hank
News posted 7th March, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Another update... a team of klikkers calling themselves The Peasants have released a preview of their upcoming game Bernard and Hank, an amazing looking platformer. The guy who made the Fishhead series is involved, as are a lot of other people. This folks, is a game to watch out for. The preview page also contains a link to a really smooth trailer. Comments from the Author:
"Bernard & Hank is an upcoming retro styled platformer by The Peasants, a new team consisting of 9 people. The game is about Bernard, a farmer who is losing his farm because the evil NationalLiberal wants to build a factory farm on his land. The goal of every level is simple: get to the other side. Defeat enemies my shooting them or jumping on them. Collect coins to gain more lives. Don't expect anything original. "

Click here to see the preview and its comments

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