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Kinda New Game: Ghoul Boy
News posted 27th March, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
I don't know why I didn't put this up earlier. But here's the authors description. You play Ghoul Boy, a ghost-child who eats spoooky doom-toast, who must find an amulet in Ghoulie Castle. This amulet can turn him mortal again! But to get it, he must face many of the castles perils and baddies, and finally face of with Ghoulie, who is the Amulet's gurdian! Click here to download this game.

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 27th March, 2004

Phizzy, you honestly don't have much room to be talking. And I know that Laz put alot of work into this. It may not be the greatest game, but it's an honest, good effort.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 27th March, 2004

Posted by Capnzippy - (Smegsoft) 27th March, 2004

Posted by Teapot 28th March, 2004

Posted by The Chris Street 28th March, 2004

Phizzy, kindly shut up unless you have anything constructive to say.


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