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Another Klik Competition
News posted 10th April, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Not to be confused with the DCMC (Daily Click Mini Comp) Acoders is running the biggest klik competition I have ever seen. There is a big value in prizes up, and the only thing you have to do is *gasp* make a game that relates to time. Of course, check their site first before you get started, so you know the whole deal.
Click here to check out Acoders site.

Posted by citizen[Ac] 10th April, 2004

thanks for the news post. the compo will run for 3 months and the cash value of all the prizes is oaver $5000. we have a ton of great prizes donated by several sponsors. go check it out at
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th April, 2004

(In a cheesy superhero voice - Think the Tick) Not a problem citizen!
Posted by skn3 10th April, 2004

cough 4 months ^_^
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2004

Woah. I think I'll enter this.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 10th April, 2004

Sounds interesting. *Holds up a skull clock and does a Shakespearean voice* To temporalily drop my next project or not to drop it...
Posted by CYS 10th April, 2004

How did skn get those sponsors...
Posted by Ashman 10th April, 2004

Count me in fellas... I might actually put some effort into this comp entry!
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 11th April, 2004

U bettah.
Posted by X_Sheep 11th April, 2004

It's not only Klik games and Blitz games that can enter the comp :P
Posted by AS Filipowski 11th April, 2004

Sounds like good prizes... but what are the chances of winning?
Posted by Jimbob 11th April, 2004

Well there are prizes for up to 10th as long as you make a good game...
Posted by citizen[Ac] 11th April, 2004

this compo includes games from various game making software. this does not mean that click games have a disadvantage. ive seen some great click games that rival commercial games. my advice is to come up with something unique. oh...and how did we get these prizes?...well about 250 emails, several phone calls and alot of arse kissing.
Posted by X_Sheep 11th April, 2004

And sponsors :P
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 11th April, 2004

I'm not going to enter, but I can't wait to see the winning entries. :)
Posted by AS Filipowski 11th April, 2004

I hope theres not gonna be any copying of ideas like the sand idea in prince of persia XD
Posted by ncsoftware 11th April, 2004

Get real guys, most of us aren't going to cut since any game engine owner can enter (Blitz, DarkBasic, 3D GameStudio, MMF, Jamagic, C++). Seeing what people createw with some of these engines you must be able to create something either very original or very good and most of the stuff presented here (including some of mine) isn't too good. Also the price combination I do find very odd too. MMF Pro and DarkBasic Pro for the same winner, strange. Animation:Master with Truespace plugins, very odd too. Anyway, good luck to those who enter, I'm not going to due to lack of time and there aren't many prices to win with I don't own already of have owned in the past.
Posted by t0nad0 11th April, 2004

Who says just because you use a click product that you're going to lose? Look at danjo's work. I mean, if you didn't know it was in click, you wouldn't have guessed it. And 3D doesn't make a game better. Personally, (even though I'm not currently a judge, I need a new computer/graphics card) I think 2D games done right are better than 3D ones. Of course, I bet some of acoders might disagree with me on that one(hopefully they do to even things out). Anyway, don't think just because you use a click product that you can't accomplish what other people can. It's all just a matter of determination and motivation.
Posted by X_Sheep 11th April, 2004

"I'm not going to due to lack of time" Lol XD I would've entered if I could come up with an idea involving time... Pick a different theme next time k? Scrapheaps or something XD
Posted by citizen[Ac] 11th April, 2004

thanks benjamin for insulting all clickteam product users. your basically saying that because people use click products they are already at a handicap/disadvantage? the software doesnt make the game, the talent, gfx skills, ideas, and hard work make a great game....reguardless of software. ive seen some click games that rival commercial releases, and some that just suck, why? because of the lack of talent of the maker. ok, that said...lets see some good turn out from the click community and win some great prizes. ps. i agree with tonado, i personally prefer 2D and old school games (snes/nes era), but i am looking forward to all sorts of games.
Posted by Brad  11th April, 2004

why did time require a gasp?
Posted by X_Sheep 11th April, 2004

It's a pretty hard theme I suppose :P
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 11th April, 2004

It wasn't the time that required it, it was the making a game part. I think only like 25% of our active membership actually makes games.
Posted by ncsoftware 12th April, 2004

I'm not saying click products are bad, i'm just comapring the general standard of games presented in the click community with the other communties and (except for a few exceptions) most of the time what is presented at some of those other communties is few notched higher quality then what is presented here. That isn't the fault of clickteam's products, that is our communities weakness, we too often are satisfied with a low standard of quality.
Posted by skn3 12th April, 2004

Well lucky for entrants, the judging is not biased towards graphics, bur rather to the compo theme, and gameplay. So everyone, what ever they use, will have a fair chance. Obviously if someone submits a south park fan game, then it isn't going to do well ;)
Posted by X_Sheep 12th April, 2004

New rule: No fan games ;)
Posted by danjo 12th April, 2004

something like UT2004 would not win this comp vs, warioware for example.
Posted by Mitch M 12th April, 2004

I think you should set your personal favourite number of dimentions aside and judge the games. Whether it's 2D or 3D shouldn't have any influence on the gameplay points you get...
Posted by citizen[Ac] 12th April, 2004

2D or 3D wont be a factor in judging the games. obviously each judge will have his favorite, but that will not affect the judging...its about the game.
Posted by Muz 14th April, 2004

4 months? MMF 1.5 can easily kick C++'s arse in that little time :P. Besides, it is true that I've seen freeware Click games far better than many shareware C++ games.


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