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GOTW #87 - Xor Ultimate Maze Challenge
News posted 8th May, 2004 by The Chris Street  
This weeks Game of The Week award goes to AndyH of Ovine By Design for his fantabulous game of Xor: Ultimate Maze Challenge! Well done to both Andy and Stu (who was also involved)

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Empile, Maths Funtime! and Dark Dragon v1.03

Eventful BIGDUM Moments Of This Past Week:

  • Phizzy pretending to be drunk so he can get attention. Either that or he needs to actually get drunk with any friends... oh, wait no, he doesn't have any XD
  • Spiderhead posting a preview of a Sparkster: Rocket Knight fan game clearly saying that it'll contain ripped graphics, and then Grazzum asking if "they were really drawn by him"
  • Greenleaf posting an article on how to produce a Matrix effect, but screwing the front page of TDC up for a while due to some bad html-ing
  • Monkey33333 introducing his "Prank Pack". Pranks include, according to the preview, opening and closing the CD drive, a "strength tester", and a "this program is not responding" message. Can anyone see the oh so slight flaw of giving the so called "pranks" away? And the fact that these ideas suck? XD

  • Posted by Ashman 8th May, 2004

    Damn now I REALLY wish I was around more... sounds like a missed a totally bitchin' week of nothing...
    Posted by Penguin Seph 8th May, 2004

    Ashman!! Your alive!! TDC is crap without you!!
    Posted by The Chris Street 8th May, 2004

    Well there was very little submitted this week.
    Posted by ChrisB 8th May, 2004

    Um, Phizzy, friends are living breathing people, not a couple of stuffed animals :/
    Posted by Dr. James MD 8th May, 2004

    your attempt to crap offends me
    Posted by Joe.H 8th May, 2004

    lol xd
    Posted by vortex2 8th May, 2004

    I had to vote for Maths FunTime! for game of the week becuase all of the others werent very good :(...
    Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 8th May, 2004

    Rocketknight Adventures was a great series. To bad they quit it.
    Posted by ChrisB 8th May, 2004

    your offence to attempt craps me
    Posted by Tigerworks 8th May, 2004

    your crap offends me
    Posted by X_Sheep 8th May, 2004

    Your offence to crap is attempting.
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th May, 2004

    It defently was one intresting week. XD
    Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 8th May, 2004

    Dark dragon has 1 vote so far X)
    Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 8th May, 2004

    Posted by The Chris Street 8th May, 2004

    Um Skull Pong was submitted BEFORE last weeks GOTW.
    Posted by Zane 8th May, 2004

    I really think blueface should be in the pole
    Posted by Dr. James MD 8th May, 2004

    hey i just noticed the comment box has changed shape
    Posted by danjo 8th May, 2004

    well done andy H and stu C
    Posted by Teapot 8th May, 2004

    Attempting to crap.
    Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th May, 2004

    Yeah, when I get drunk, I'd much rather log on to good ol' DC and tell everyone about it than hang around with real mates and have a good time. Snap out of it boy, it doesn't make you 'cool'.
    Posted by Muggus 9th May, 2004

    I got way too drunk last night...I don't tend to remember most of the night...certainly not how or when i got home. Oh my aching head! :( ...oh and hope I didn't log onto DC and post shit...
    Posted by Deathbringer 11th May, 2004

    Congratu-fucking-lations for posting the new "BIGDUM events" thing, for too long i have been coming to see this site and seeing STUPID UNEDUCATED FUCKERS posting stuff in awful attempts at english, asking the most exasperating questions and stating the obvious. DooMworld did it brilliantly with its "Post hell" forum and naming-and-shaming of stupid members (by giving them highly insulting forum titles), about time DC tried something similar!
    Posted by Jamesbuc 12th May, 2004

    Your attemps offend my crap :)


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