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New Preview: Terminal Orbit
News posted 17th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Could it be? Is someone actually working on a command&conquer/Total Annihilation clone made with click software? You better believe it! Tigerworks are working on Terminal Orbit. Comments from Author: Terminal Orbit is a Real Time Strategy game like Total Annihilation and Command & conquer which will blow away the barriers of creation you thought MMF 1.5 held. Terminal Orbit is quite simply an RTS like no other in existence in the Click World today. Based on the Project Rattlesnake engine but improved immeasurably, Terminal Orbit will bring you earth shattering mind-blowing battles, warfare on a huge scale, and conquest of entire campaigns, missions and even skirmishes.  Click here to read the full preview

Posted by 18th May, 2002

I am only :D posting :) this because I am :D so please die :) Oh and hopefilly this will be made longer then two :P lines because I need it that :D way


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