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New...uh...Comic - Jonathan Smeby
News posted 11th June, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Remember that psychotic individual Jon Smeby? As if you could forget him... well, he's created another comic. But its klik-related... in a way. You might find it funny... you might find it frightening. Read it HERE!

P.S: I will not be held responsible for any mental damage this comic may inflict upon you. Blame Jon. Always, always blame Jon.

Posted by Pete Nattress 11th June, 2004

"You might find it funny" hahahaha! classic.
Posted by MasterM 11th June, 2004

i still think is cooler XD
Posted by ChrisB 11th June, 2004

LOL classic Smeby
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th June, 2004

Loved it. :D He has a very strange style...:)
Posted by Mitch M 11th June, 2004

Congrats Smeby! :D You always have that huge talent fot art, but this is the first one with some seriously nice jokes :) (all your comics are nice, dont get me wrong ;))
Posted by Klikmaster 11th June, 2004

Nice. But why do your characters look like they're about to fall over? Just look at the guy in the 3rd last frame... :)
Posted by Weston L 11th June, 2004

Awesome. I always wanted to read a comic about game creators!
Posted by Joshtek 11th June, 2004

Great comic, I think.
Posted by cake 11th June, 2004

hahaha it hits home well. very funny
Posted by CYS 12th June, 2004

Posted by Keatonian 12th June, 2004

Posted by X_Sheep 12th June, 2004

LOL @ Pong-based battle engine XD
Posted by Rhys D 12th June, 2004

Am I the only one that didn't even chuckle the slightest bit at this?
Posted by Buster 12th June, 2004

Nah, I didn't Rhys but I dont laugh at ANY comics unless a overweight orange cat appears in them.
Posted by Chrisbo 12th June, 2004

I'm with Rhys. Maybe it's not my brand of humor..but I didn't think it was funny at all. I was waiting for some kind of awesome punchline, but it was not there. Nice drawing though. Terrible humor.
Posted by Chrisbo 12th June, 2004

And on another note, buster, how can you possibly laugh at Garfield? It's the same joke every day. It's not funny. Or are you talking about Heathcliff? Check out this page:
Posted by Buster 12th June, 2004

To tell you the truth, I dont laugh at garfield, I hate him, I hate maddox and I hate you.
Posted by Teapot 12th June, 2004

I didn't laugh, but I find it funny. And moving.
Posted by skn3 12th June, 2004

not funny at all. The only time I slightly smiled was at the mention of "dog and air plane" in the same sentance (which is a cheap gag). I found it ironic with "I just can't take pride with these cheap knock off games", when infact your comic is very similar (but just not funny) to well known online comic. You have a good art skill Mr smebe, But I think you need to do the following. A) find somone who can think of funny skits for you to draw. Do it as a team! B) Do the artwork on your computer. C) Cut down on the text, or use the computer to add text. Sometimes your font is a little hard to read so it interupts the flow of the sketch. Ok, I know you probably wont listen.. as people tend not to listen to good advice so bye bye :)
Posted by Tigerworks 12th June, 2004

I thought it was quite funny.
Posted by MasterM 12th June, 2004

i have to agree with Chrisbo's " Nice drawing though. Terrible humor" sorry but i can't even understand why that should be funny it's not even weird
Posted by Capnzippy - (Smegsoft) 12th June, 2004

who tried to visit lol
Posted by Klikmaster 13th June, 2004

me :p, it doesn't exist tho :(
Posted by Muggus 14th June, 2004

Odd style of humour...but still a pretty well done comic.
Posted by skn3 21st June, 2004

wohey :) goodluck on the next comic


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