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New Preview - Spiderhead
News posted 21st June, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Spiderhead has submitted a preview of his upcoming game... uh... Spiderhead. There's also a rather neat (and rather large (weighing in at a whopping 14mb) trailer). Definately looks set to a fairly major klik release of 2004.

Click here to read the preview and view the trailer

Posted by Tigerworks 21st June, 2004

Decrease your use of 'uh' and '...'. "New...uh...Comic" comes to mind. It was no difficult issue that it was a comic. It was clearly a comic, with illustrated panels telling a story. This must show your low confidence in percepting abstract objects. I thereby conclude that my exploitation of elongated vocabulary should be responsibly truncated.
Posted by Blackgaze 21st June, 2004

err... yes.
Posted by ChrisB 21st June, 2004

Posted by Shadow99 21st June, 2004

huh huh... you said... low
Posted by Tigerworks 21st June, 2004

Somebody set up TDC the post.
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd June, 2004

TDC are on the way to destruction.
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd June, 2004

Oh wait, that's another "the community is dying" post XD
Posted by Shen 22nd June, 2004

Your funny licence will expire shortly
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd June, 2004

Posted by ChrisB 22nd June, 2004

Has your funny licence expired? Need a fake ID to get into comedy clubs and NOT Spearmint Rhino? Then call 0-800-IDs-R-US with your credit card details and we'll forge an AUTHENTIC replica of anything you want! We can supply any legal documentation to you - all for the cost* of a phone call! Passports! Cheques! Death certificates! Contracts with Satan! And MUCH MUCH MORE! Call NOW and you could receive one of our hundreds of money-saving deals! That number again is 0-800-IDs-R-US. DON'T FORGET IT! *premimium rate phone number, 150/min, 150/min in ROI. Max. call length 24 hours. Forget to ask the bill payer's permission before calling.
Posted by Shen 23rd June, 2004

who's Bill Payer?
Posted by Tigerworks 25th June, 2004

who's shin?
Posted by ChrisB 25th June, 2004

It's WIT'


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