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Summer is here!!!!
News posted 30th June, 2004 by Rikus  

Wtf? Rikus updating the dc? has the world gone mad! Maybe not maybe so, but for the people who where around last year could remember that i updated the dc last summer while some admins where on there holiday and i promised i would do it again this year, so here i am:) I noticed today that the news etc has been really drying up lately so this is the perfect time to kick things into gear. Anyway i hope everyone will have a great summer and enjoy the updates folks!

Ps. I'm working on a new top bar for the dc, its a work in progress, since i don't have access to the ftp server at this point i have to mail shadow the graphics and changes so the banner if wrong will keep changing in the next couple of days just to let you know:)

Posted by Nobuyuki 1st July, 2004

hi rikus! we still luff j00 :3~
Posted by Peblo 1st July, 2004

Woo, Rikus is back, even if only for a few weeks!
Posted by - Yelnek - 1st July, 2004

NICE ASS TOP THINGY Rikus...even thou I didn't notice until I read yur post :P I love change...cause change is good Donkey XD
Posted by Gaspy Conana 1st July, 2004

Summer's almost gone, almost gone, yeah it's almost gone. The winter's comin' on, Summer's almost gone.
Posted by X_Sheep 1st July, 2004

Can I give comments about the topbar already? :P The red color of the mouseover doesn't fit well with the background :P
Posted by X_Sheep 1st July, 2004

Oh... It's changed already :P
Posted by Muggus 1st July, 2004

It may as well be Summer over here. No rain...nothing but fine sunny days every friggen day. YOU CALL THIS WINTER FFS!!! ARGH...sorry folks. I think global warming has fucked up Sydney weather for good.
Posted by istvan 1st July, 2004

I do wish people would remember those of us in the southern hemisphere! And Muggus, I dont live too far from Sydney and it's been freezing lately. I'll make sure to check the Sydney weather next time I watch the news.
Posted by Willy C 1st July, 2004

well, Norway sure as hell suck more. belove 15 (celsius) and rainy weather for a week now. This isnt summer!
Posted by Pete Nattress 1st July, 2004

welcome back rikus! cool banner.
Posted by Smeggy 1st July, 2004

^ What he said.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st July, 2004

I was sure you were dead Rikus! Congratulations! Anyway, I love the new logo...its always nice to have a change! ;)
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd July, 2004

Hmm... I liked the water effect more :P
Posted by Pete Nattress 2nd July, 2004

yeah me too.
Posted by Willy C 2nd July, 2004

yea, change back to the water thingy. Gave me s real summer feeling.
Posted by Monkey Soft 2nd July, 2004

The new top bar is quite difficult to read... orange on light grey... :\
Posted by Rikus 2nd July, 2004

yea clubsoft changed it, without letting me know:( But i talked to him and of course he will be nice enough to change it back:)
Posted by Rikus 2nd July, 2004

There we go, clubsoft rocks!:)


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