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4th of july!!!!
News posted 4th July, 2004 by Rikus  

For all the people from the usa, i just wanted to whish you all a very happy 4th of july!!!! And to all the Canadians out there a belated happy 1st of july Canada day!!! For the rest of the world...Well you can whish eachother a great sunday in the comments box!! woohoo:)

Posted by Blackstorm 4th July, 2004

First post for Pyrotechnics Day! WOOHOO! Happy Fourth of July!
Posted by Rikus 4th July, 2004

Happy Fourth of July!!!!! and a happy sunday to everyone else out there!!!;)
Posted by gustav 4th July, 2004

Posted by Assault Andy 4th July, 2004

Happy Sunday.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 4th July, 2004

Happy happymeal toy melting day!!! :D
Posted by Nobuyuki 4th July, 2004

happy america day LOLOLOL
Posted by Rikus 4th July, 2004

lol snerlin:)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th July, 2004

Happy sabbath to fellow Brits, I hope you're as drunk and happy as I am.
Posted by Hill Gigas 4th July, 2004

Well I'm in America, and I appreciate the "happy 4th of July", even though I'm probably one of the few Americans here. ;)
Posted by Hill Gigas 4th July, 2004

Happy fourth! Happy Sunday! Happy belated 1st!
Posted by Silveraura 4th July, 2004

Woohoo, I thought u forgot this year, only 2 hours left before its no longer the 4th for us in the eastern time zone ;-)
Posted by Isaac 4th July, 2004

Happy fourth of July to all!
Posted by Hikari 5th July, 2004

Did you know the Netherlands was the first country in the world to accept the American States' Independence? (that's why the colours of the American and Dutch flag are the same) So I suggest we should make it into a day to celebrate the goodness of the people of the Netherlands, neh?
Posted by Teapot 5th July, 2004

Happy belated independence day my coalition buddies!
Posted by Buster 5th July, 2004

Posted by Zane 5th July, 2004

that birds staring at me
Posted by Gaspy Conana 5th July, 2004

Phizzy is extremely unfunny. Happy 4th.
Posted by MasterM 5th July, 2004

happy cheese day, rikus
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 5th July, 2004

Happy 4th! I didn't get to get any fireworks this year, but watching my friend's mom screem and run away as they launched morter shells made up for it. XD
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th July, 2004

Die kitties, die!
Posted by Simon Elo 6th July, 2004

God bless us from America! ;)


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