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GOTW #100: Missing in action
News posted 7th July, 2004 by Rikus  

Yes folks in a couple of weeks gotw #100 is coming up! And we are going to celibrate this event big time of course! In a couple of weeks on a very special poll you will be able to vote for your ultimate gotw! You will be able to vote for all of the 100 gotw winners out there! But some games are "missing in action" and we have to find them! On the links below there are pictures of games that are missing, on most of them there are no names and no authors, if you can provide us with any info we can try and bring them back! But most importantly If you have any of these games please give me a dc mail and if we can find someone to donate some webspace we can upload them back! We have 5 weeks to find them all so lets try and find them all back! Ok here we go...

Click here to go the the "missing in action" forum topic.

Posted by X_Sheep 7th July, 2004

Nice selection there :)
Posted by X_Sheep 7th July, 2004

OH WAIT... I thought that was the selection of teh ultimate one XD Stupid me :P
Posted by Strife 7th July, 2004

I predict that 'Eternal Daughter' will win. Or 'The Line Continues'. Super Ken Senshi should NOT win because of its popularity.
Posted by Assault Andy 7th July, 2004

The w00tness is overwelming.
Posted by Rikus 7th July, 2004

hehehehe and so it begins;)
Posted by Shadow99 7th July, 2004

Dux Duk is the winner here. Dux Duk is the most well programmed game ever to grace the pages of the DC.
Posted by Mr Coffee 8th July, 2004

Nope, sorry, Super Ken Senshi was a nice game but it was much to repetitive and short to win an award like this. I predict either Eternal Daughter or Lost Valley will win, both of which deserve it. The Spirit Engine is also very deserving but I am afraid the download size is to large, preventing many people from downloading it which means it might not get as many votes as it should.
Posted by istvan 8th July, 2004

These are the kind of arguements TDC SHOULD be filled with! Goodo! Should be exciting to see who wins...
Posted by Ashman 8th July, 2004

If one of my two wins gets a single vote out of a 100 games I'll be happy lol
Posted by CYS 8th July, 2004

ED, in my opinion, will definitely win.
Posted by Kris 8th July, 2004

TSE was also boring and repetitive
Posted by Shadow99 8th July, 2004

SKS is THE most over-rated game in the history of DC. No bosses? Half assed multiplayer modes? The same five pod enemies in EVERY level? WTF is the big deal? If you get drawn into this kind of "addiction" then watch out for those slot machines, you're an idiot that's right up their alley.
Posted by ChrisB 8th July, 2004

Lost Valley all the way - despite the ripped graphics, a game that large and complex deserves some votes.
Posted by Penguin Seph 8th July, 2004

SKS sucks. The online play don't not work, it has no bosses, the same level over and over and over and over and over and over again! Lost Valley is not that great, but it is still better than SKS.
Posted by Alltower 8th July, 2004

Streambolt has my vote.
Posted by Shadow99 8th July, 2004

Dux Duk all the way! It's inevitable!
Posted by Zimtower 8th July, 2004

how many points?
Posted by Silveraura 8th July, 2004

I'm voting for Enternal Daugher, thats all I know!
Posted by Silveraura 8th July, 2004

Dux Duk sux.
Posted by Mr Coffee 8th July, 2004

I think people who like SKS so much are the type of people who prefer early 80's style arcade games. In other words, games where there is no beginning or end and the whole point is to get a high score. While that was fine back then, I think most people today find those kinds of games dull, which explains why commercial games almost always have a beginning and an end. Last Defender is an example of a very good klik shooter, and I think most people would agree that it is much better then SKS, since it has bosses, levels, etc.
Posted by Silveraura 9th July, 2004

Only problem with SKS is noone ever plays anymore so its lastability is kind of, bla.
Posted by Ashman 9th July, 2004

Posted by Nobuyuki 9th July, 2004

probably, I think Streambolt > SKS
Posted by Nobuyuki 9th July, 2004

I went back and checked out GOTW. Let's not forget such classics as Deli Dash and Super Bubble Blob! I actually liked SBB and everyone in #k&p was playing it for a time, so I believe that had a bit more addictiveness than a lot of the others you guys are mentioning... Also while checking out GOTW I remembered I actually one it, once -- back in the day ;)
Posted by Nobuyuki 9th July, 2004

one = won wouldn't mind getting a vote or two but I doubt I could beat the hype machine :3
Posted by Nobuyuki 10th July, 2004

SKS is BORING. The reason professional games are professional is cause they have varying waves of attackers and by the time ben got frazzled out on the online play, he decided to release it just like that instead of the 5 level shebang with bosses. A damn crying shame. On the bright side, there's always ninnys to feed the hype machine :)
Posted by Nobuyuki 10th July, 2004

yay I mentioned hype machine twice in a single thread. Now bringing my redundancy (and post) level to 400%
Posted by ben_02 10th July, 2004

You (the public) voted SKS up there, so stop bitching and acting like you (individually) represent the public. Oh, and this Super Mega GOTW idea is stupid, theres no such thing as a 'best game in 2 years'. Maybe best 5 games in 2 years...
Posted by Hill Gigas 13th July, 2004

Just be flattered ben_02. Your game has quite a cult following. Those who hate it, hate it. But those who love it, LOVE IT... to the point of social embarrasment.


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