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Gotw# 96 - Operation sitting duck 2
News posted 14th July, 2004 by Rikus  
Podunkian with his dancing avatar has won this weeks gotw! Congrats to him, well deserved! But just a side note this will be the last Abandonware and/or demo game that will be placed as a gotw nomination. Operation: Sitting Duck 2 Abandonware. And in a very close second, the great Caverns of Xin Xiao almost won.

In this week's GOTW we have PaintBaller Dude, Farm with chickens, Grim's Challenge 3rd edition , Silent Combat, Noseman, Soda Junky 1&2, Seek & Dread Online, Cc's Birthday Bash, Squarishy, and Bones 2
Woohoo, many, many cool new games for this week, its going to be exciting to see who will win next gotw!

Eventful Moments of the Week
  • Watched spiderman 2 this week, at the last 2 minutes, the screen went away and the sound went slow, some girl came in saying that the roll fell off and it would take 1 hour to fix, everyone got a free movie pass for any movie next time, woohoo! Oh yea and spidy 2 rocks;)
  • People wanted to start worshipping circy, and start a cult, Pete advised them not to,..phew.
  • NationalLiberal got deleted and broomie is running a campaign to get him back.
  • For some reason they changed the code to update the gotw poll so i can't change it at the moment, until clubsoft comes in the old poll is still up..grrrr.

  • Posted by Rikus 14th July, 2004

    New gotw...Ahhhhhhh, well almost anyway;)
    Posted by Peblo 14th July, 2004

    Can we post now? Caverns of Xin Xiao Deserved to win, OSD2 wasn't even a full game.
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th July, 2004

    Rikus- You bought stocks in deleting NationalLiberal? Har Har Har! XD
    Posted by Willy C 14th July, 2004

    oh God, dont you start
    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th July, 2004

    No problem. :)
    Posted by remnance 14th July, 2004

    Bullshit. Sitting duck is crap
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th July, 2004

    Thanks Rikus, things have been crazy
    Posted by Strife 14th July, 2004

    Hey, you didn't update the poll. Last week's contestants are still there. :P
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th July, 2004

    ever hear of reading?
    Posted by Broomie 14th July, 2004

    Yay I'm famous!
    Posted by X_Sheep 14th July, 2004

    *tries not to say "Hi uncle steve!"*
    Posted by Kirby Smith 14th July, 2004

    Beats what happened at the theatre I work at. Last summer some jack-ass pulled the fire alarm on a busy day, and all 17 screens were evacuated. Ended up handing out passes to nearly 2,000 people.
    Posted by AndyUK 14th July, 2004

    now they've both got 49 thanks to me
    Posted by Tigerworks 14th July, 2004 "Terminal Orbit-demo will be the last demo that will be able to win a gotw award", GOTW October 9th 2002. ..."this will be the last demo game that will be placed as a gotw nomination" GOTW July 14th 2004. Ho humm.
    Posted by Rikus 14th July, 2004

    Well i can't help it if other admins go ahead and place demo's on the gotw anyway:) Maybe they did not know, because 2002 has been a while lets try and stick to it this time:)
    Posted by Teapot 14th July, 2004

    Why the hell isn't JetBall on the GOTW list?
    Posted by Chrisbo 15th July, 2004

    Kaiser Kitty should be on the list. And it should be on the front page :(
    Posted by CYS 15th July, 2004

    Worshipping Circy?
    Posted by Radix 15th July, 2004

    Kaiser Kitty not being on the front page makes me cry.
    Posted by Radix 15th July, 2004

    (And it shouldn't be on the list. Give it another week so more people get to play it)
    Posted by ThePodunkian 15th July, 2004

    Whee, shameless self-plugging is great, isn't it, Radix? LOLOLOL
    Posted by ChrisB 15th July, 2004

    Posted by Rikus 15th July, 2004

    There ya go its on the front page, sorry had to do the sleep thing, shame on me;)
    Posted by Radix 15th July, 2004

    Hey, it worked. I was afraid I'd have to break out into dance.


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