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Community News: Classic Gaming Expo
News posted 23rd July, 2004 by Rikus  
Just a cool news bit here, Clickteam has its own table at this years Classic Gaming Expo starting tomorrow, and will be selling TGF, Jamagic and MMF... also they will be running a competition to win MMF/Jamagic as well as showing old game making programs from the retro era. If you are around the London area be sure to check them out. Jason Darby from clickteam will be there and will be taking some cool pictures of the event. And of course we are going to post the pics as soon as we can get our hands on them:) Click here for more information on the event

Posted by Radix 23rd July, 2004

Pfft. Nobody cares about anything happening in london. They should've been at supanova.
Posted by Odin 24th July, 2004

i'D GO, BUT... *Turns CapsLock off* I'd go, but I don't have the monies. ;( Oh well. All who go have fun. :) -ThO
Posted by 24th July, 2004

"TGF, Jamagic and MMF" Do they sell those at a discount ???
Posted by Teapot 24th July, 2004

I don't live in england, but it's good to know anyway...
Posted by Blackgaze 24th July, 2004

I have just been and it is great! So many retro games for free. I PICKED UP BLITZ 3d ($100 FOR FREE!!! I also got free sweets (yum) and a 2 player game of "house of the dead 2" (with guns). Yeah I chatted with one person of the Clickteam staff about MMF2 // The Games Factory 2. Same junk like it is not going to come out for ages. If anyone saw me I was the tall one with gingerish hair...
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 24th July, 2004

W00t! I went and they gave masses of free stuff, games, sweets, cds, t-shirts...
Posted by Peblo 24th July, 2004

If anyone saw me I was the short one with hair, exept I didn't go... So you wouldn't have seen me...
Posted by ChrisB 24th July, 2004

I would've gone, but my travelcard expired a month ago and I'm too cheap to get an adult ticket to travel there
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 24th July, 2004

the clickteam stand was very lonely there.......


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