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Links: Cafelite gets a new design
News posted 18th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Do not try to adjust your screen, yeppers cafelite got a new site design and it does look ultra spiffy. Now all we need is for Andy to finish planet klik and ryan to finish the Click Cafe and the community will be back on track. 

Posted by The Chris Street 18th May, 2002

Dunno if you've heard about this, but there will be yet another community site fairly soon...Klik Creation. is already registered and all taht, and skn is coding the asp, so, another site to add to the list.
Posted by skn3 18th May, 2002

Yup, you can see a screenshot of it here
Posted by HiredGun 18th May, 2002

LOL, "ultra spiffy"
Posted by 18th May, 2002

I don't like the new design much.
Posted by Andi Smith 18th May, 2002

Planet Klik is further in production than DC. LOL. But, I don't like releasing unfinished sites.
Posted by 18th May, 2002

Damn Andi is harsh :D


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