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New Game: Soccer Pong
News posted 25th July, 2004 by Rikus  

Mr.Mean has created a very interesting game called: Soccer pong. Some people might have skipped this game but give it a try anyway because i just checked it out and it was actually lots of fun to play:) Props to mr mean. Comments from the Author: This game is not a normal pong game, in this game you can be up to 4 players in two different teams, blue and green. Each team has an attackplayer and a goalie, the goalie can only be moved verticaly and the attacker will follow the goalie up and down while you controll it sideways. Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Nioreh 25th July, 2004

This one gets front page and not towers of hanoi? Darnit. Well, guess it takes another pong clone.. :)
Posted by Rikus 25th July, 2004

Yikes sorry for missing it the first time around, and thanks for letting me know:) Its on the front page now. Keep up the great work
Posted by Paolo Victor 25th July, 2004

A pong game gets a front page? I didn't know you were -that- desperate.
Posted by Rikus 27th July, 2004

Did you actually try it paolo..sigh...


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