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Time to go.. for now:)
News posted 30th July, 2004 by Rikus  

Well folks the time has come to say see ya soon. My summer is over and so has my free time. I hope you all had some fun with my updates this summer, as soon as things slow down around here i'll check back in, i hope the other admins keep the daily updates going and i'm sure they will. Anyway enjoy the rest of the summer, thanks for keep visiting the dc and i'll see you when i see ya:) Woohooo!:)

Posted by Simon Colmer 30th July, 2004

Fairwell our good admin chum, have fun in what-ever you do! We will all cheer the name 'Rikus' in memory of our departed Admin (well from DC!)
Posted by ChrisB 30th July, 2004

Goodbye Rikus! May the anarchy that follows your departure be very short and/or fun. :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th July, 2004

See you later, Rikus! When you come back, the DC might be in ruins! XD Kidding... See you later! :)
Posted by Hill Gigas 30th July, 2004

We'll never forget you Rikus. A statue will be crafted each month in your honor until the day of your return.
Posted by Joshtek 30th July, 2004

Bye for now Rikus and Mitch.
Posted by Pete Nattress 30th July, 2004

byesie bye!
Posted by JohnsProgram 30th July, 2004

see ya next time Rikus. Thanks for visiting! :)
Posted by MasterM 30th July, 2004

see ya on the island
Posted by RapidFlash 31st July, 2004

Wow, that was short... oh well. Good bye.
Posted by Keatonian 31st July, 2004

I wonder if he will still be on the island. He better!
Posted by CYS 31st July, 2004

"Bye for now Rikus and Mitch." Mitch???
Posted by Muggus 31st July, 2004

Adios. And enjoy!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 31st July, 2004

Cya later! :) Arg...I hate it when the summer ends and freetime becomes scarce. >_<
Posted by Joshtek 31st July, 2004

CYS: Mitch, the name of the icon Rikus uses when he posts sometimes... The general with the star... He has been with Rikus since at least Kickass.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 31st July, 2004

my summer ends soon as well, our school starts in less then 2 weeks, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 4th August, 2004

In the words of Tor Johnson, "Time fo go ta bed now."


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