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New Game: Spooky Pop
News posted 13th August, 2004 by Rikus  

To my great shock, the front page has not been updated for a while, where did everyone go?:) I heard Pete is away but did all the other admins disapear with him? Anyhow before i go out this morning lets get this dc-engine started up again:) Shawn from DoomSoft submitted this excelled new action horror game called Spooky-Pop that needs to be checked out. This is only the demo for the full version but definitely worth the download. Comments from the Author: Battle Zombies, Monsters, and Ghosts in this spooky bubble filled adventure. Pop your way through tons of levels racking up points and showing off your spooky skills in this spooktacular game. A must have for game fans of all ages! Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Rikus 13th August, 2004

I have seen some commends by other admins that shareware click games should not appear on the front page, i think this is of course wrong, people work hard to create there game so if they want to make some money on it and work extra hard on it, they deserve a front page mention to, no doubt about that.
Posted by Willy C 13th August, 2004

Yay! Rikus is back
Posted by Rikus 13th August, 2004

I'm not back, just waiting for the other admins to step back in, and i just can't see the dc not updated, that hurts every sence in my body:)


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