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New Game - Rounder..?
News posted 14th August, 2004 by The Chris Street  
An almost endless game set in space here, created by KeyrenZero. The objective is to collect gems whilest avoiding enemies. Rounder..? is the name of this game, and it sounds like a lot of fun. Comments from the Author:
"I guess it is a lot like Clone X, (his other game - Circy) in that it doesnt ever HAVE to end. You are a space ship this time, and when you start, there is a gem in the middle of the screen. pick it up, and another one appears! But so does some evil robot that likes to go around in circles around it!!! Get the new gem AND ANOTHER GEM APPEARS!!! AND ANOTHER EVIL CIRCLING ROBOT!!! "

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Quick note about GOTW: I'm still unsure of what Rikus' and Clubsofts plans are for GOTW #100, so for now, and once again, I'll leave the GOTW poll blank.

Posted by Rikus 14th August, 2004

Club is having some probs with his internet connection, soon as he gets back up we will get this thing sorted, sorry 'bout the delay folks.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th August, 2004

Why don't we run GOTW as normal and make the Greatest GOTW or something separate, that way we can get GOTW back on track, cause this is going to be 2 weeks missed here.
Posted by Rikus 15th August, 2004

Sounds fair enough, i'll give club a couple of more days but if it comes up to 3 weeks in total that's missed, we'll bring the gotw back:)
Posted by Clubsoft 16th August, 2004

Im waiting for you to email me or talk on msn about whats happening lol
Posted by Radix 16th August, 2004

Just give it to the game with the most nudity.


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