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New Game: Planet Wars 3000
News posted 10th September, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Colej_uk has added Planer Wars 3000 to the site and it's a very well put together game, it weighs in at over 7 megabytes, but it is well worth the download.

Comments from the Author: Basicly it's a tribute to my favourite klik game, triumph war although I'd like to think I've added enough of my own ideas for it to be able to stand for itself. If you like any of the worm wars games, then you'll probably like this too.

Basicly think Triumph war with scrolling levels, a few vehicles and some more weapons

Click here to download Planet Wars 3000

Posted by eddee 20th April, 2005

The games respawn is out of wake, Everytime i spawn I end up of screen


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