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Hurricane Help
News posted 17th September, 2004 by The Chris Street  
This is a bit of an un-orthodox news post, but I feel I should post it anyway.

Necropixel Giant's home wasn't exactly decimated by Hurricanes Charley and Frances, but it was fairly badly damaged, along with the surrounding land on their property. Necropixel has put out a request for donations, as his family are really struggling for income, as most of the money is going towards bills and the insurance deductable.

If you have any spare money, it would be great if you could donate it to the guy. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

Posted by Kisguri 17th September, 2004

I hope everything works out for him and his family, We sat threw the tail end of Ivan here in atlanta, and even in it's diminished state it was extremely powerful, I will keep Necro and family in my prayers...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th September, 2004

Jeeze, that really sucks. I'm extreamly sorry. I have some relitives in Florida who lost their house...:( I hope everything goes well for you.
Posted by DaVince 17th September, 2004

I barely do ANYTHING with money on the internet, but good luck collecting some.
Posted by Blackgaze 17th September, 2004

Learning is fun
Posted by Gaspy Conana 17th September, 2004

holey shit thanks man
Posted by danjo 17th September, 2004

i need a few grand too, so while everyones handing out cash - you can send some my way
Posted by chrilley 18th September, 2004

Uh.. can anyone donate me some money so I can donate some to Necropixel Giant? :S
Posted by Ashman 18th September, 2004

Something tells me he wouldn't donate to me. But it still sucks, sorry to hear it man.
Posted by contra 19th September, 2004

sorry to hear it but, uhm...arent you insured ? or the state/governement/whatever should be able to help you out.
Posted by Sage 21st September, 2004

Hahahahahaha. Man that's funny.


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