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New Competition: Back to School
News posted 18th September, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
The boys over at Klik-Union have started a new competition with some serious webspace up for grabs as prizes. The theme is school, and with school having just started or starting soon, there should be no lack of ideas.

Anyway, head on over to Klik-Union, sign up for an account and get working on those entries, you only have till October 23, 2004 to get them in.

I'll also be posting a reminder about a week before the Competition is slated to end, just in case any of you forget.

Click here to visit Klik-Union
Click here to see the official Competition Thread

Posted by Smeggy 18th September, 2004

Thanks for the news coverage, Shab. :)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 18th September, 2004

No problem
Posted by Mkingy 18th September, 2004

Posted by Hayo 18th September, 2004

heheh, i am so gonna give this a shot :)
Posted by Smeggy 18th September, 2004

That's good to know! :D
Posted by 醤油の兵士 18th September, 2004

I might try this...
Posted by Smeggy 18th September, 2004

Go on, go for it! It's a good community anyway, so even if you don't enter, visit the site instead.
Posted by Nuklear41 18th September, 2004

i go for it!!!!!!! :D
Posted by Smeggy 18th September, 2004

Oh no, not you. :P
Posted by Teapot 18th September, 2004

I may as well try...
Posted by Mitch M 19th September, 2004

Me too
Posted by 醤油の兵士 19th September, 2004

I got my idea ready:D
Posted by Capnzippy - (Smegsoft) 19th September, 2004

Yay. Looks like we'll be having a good turn-out. :) Thanks for the news post shab ;)
Posted by CsaR 19th September, 2004

I'll probably enter too.
Posted by Smeggy 19th September, 2004

That's great. :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 20th September, 2004

I think I'll have a try at it. Hopefully I'll finish it this time. :P
Posted by Smeggy 20th September, 2004

You've got quite a lot of time, so there is no real excuse for not submitting an entry.
Posted by Smeggy 20th September, 2004

I wouldn't want an entry from you anyway. :P


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