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New Game Of The Week!
News posted 18th May, 2002 by Rikus  

After being gone for so long the game of the week finally returns! Now its you chance to choose your favorite game of this week. We got the following contenders for you: Combat Zone ¤ Jiggle ¤ House of the Boué ¤ Hover Wars 2 ¤ Brainless ¤ Realms Rpg ¤ Joc & Marc Choose wisely because the winner will remain on the game of week page for everyone to see and to download. Btw you can leave a comment here and let us know the reason why you have choosen for that particular game.

Posted by Joshtek 18th May, 2002

Where did the comments go for this...I thought there was some. I like House of Boué but it needs to be more diverse.
Posted by Max 18th May, 2002

I choose House of The Boué, since that's the best game I've found in this week's GOTW award so far :)
Posted by Joshtek 18th May, 2002

Me too, but it should be sligly more diverse, more stuff.
Posted by Max 18th May, 2002

Indeed. More levels would have been a plus, and they needed some more obstacles. And harder puzzles, too :)


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