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GOTW #108 - BlobFort
News posted 30th October, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Hurray! Blobfort has won the GOTW award this time! Created by Radix, it's an impressive achievement when you consider it took just one night to make.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Lost Woods Dizzy, Mathematicus Online, Halloween Ramble, and Boogie Squares. Yes, Lost Woods Dizzy is a fangame. But I personally think it's excellent (and I've beaten it and written a walkthrough for it) and deserves a shot at GOTW. As usual, choose carefully. A lot of good stuff stuff this week.

Eventful Moments Of This Past Week:

  • Obviously, you'll notice the Halloween design. Don't you think it's ugly?!
  • Muz has posted an article about how necessary game design is. It's mostly drivel, and you can be bored right here!
  • I'm increasingly concerned about Jonathan Smeby's mental health. But, before he goes completely nuts, we're hoping he's going to release Jonny RPG very soon - and as he's made a "final" post about the game in the forums, it really should be sooner rather than later. Read more here!
  • Finally, Phizzy has made a finger painting of a "retard" called "Sir See" - guess who "Sir See" really is? Take a look at how rubbish it is here!
  • I (Shab) prove that Circy lies, cause phizzy's drawing isn't the last eventful moment, Tigerworks has posted some new screenies of his game Terminal Orbit at his site, click here to check it out.

  • Posted by Tigerworks 30th October, 2004

    Bah, I never make it in to eventful moments ;)
    Posted by Zimtower 30th October, 2004

    lol, i think i only made it into the eventful moments twice being a member.oh yeah, i am also planning a game but i wont say what it is.
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th October, 2004

    Posted by Tigerworks 30th October, 2004

    Yay, I made an eventful moment! :D
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th October, 2004

    that's, well, really scary there phizzy...did you dig up one of circ's old avatars?
    Posted by RapidFlash 30th October, 2004

    Ah yes, Circy's scary "Dr. Pepper" avatar. And those TO screenshots are cool.
    Posted by Zimtower 31st October, 2004

    omg,that is so **********************************************************************
    Posted by ChrisB 31st October, 2004

    I thought that it was coke. Not that it matters, it could be tar in that glass for all I cared ;)
    Posted by Dr. James MD 31st October, 2004

    issit just me or does the title look more like "The Daily dick"?
    Posted by ChrisB 31st October, 2004

    They should've made the 'l' taller, I tells ya.
    Posted by Radix 31st October, 2004

    The black background makes my ava look shite.
    Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 1st November, 2004

    Wow, that's a decent likeness there, Phizzy.
    Posted by Broomie 1st November, 2004

    Erm Circy, this design is much better than the other DC crappy designs, the light blue and yellow is so ugly. I think they should just keep this skin and remove the halloween theme (pictures and logos) Tis' alot more nicer to look at.
    Posted by Tigerworks 2nd November, 2004

    If this one's gonna be kept, then at least the odds and ends need to be tied up like the blue title bars still :P
    Posted by X_Sheep 2nd November, 2004

    Apparently they fixed that already.


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