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New Game: Cannon Belly Man - Werewolf Defence
News posted 15th November, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Phizzy has added Cannon Belly Man - Werewolf Defence to the site, it's a very interesting high score game (You can also submit your scores online). This game proves to me that Phizzy just isn't right in the head.
Comments from the Author:Cannon Belly Man was enjoying a normal day's shoplifting at the adult warehouse, when all of a sudden, thousands of werewolves started pouring in. He ran into the back, but found himself surrounded by the werewolves in a small room. There is no chance of Cannon Belly Man escaping with his life, so you must stay alive as long as possible.
Click here to download this game and read it's reviews

Posted by Noyb 15th November, 2004

You didn't have enough proof before? ;)


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