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News posted 25th November, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Quickish whinge. It seems as though some of you lot don't know how to use The Daily Click, a site which is meant to be as idiot-proof as possible... yet there are still certain individuals who won't be named - to protect them from any potential embarrassment - who are making a mockery of this anti-cretin system.

When you submit a game, make sure that it has a working download URL. Not one which links to an imaginary place.

When you submit a game, please don't forget to say if it's a demo!

When you use the screenshot feature, do not use bitmaps! They are usually big in size, and henceforth take ages to load.

When you write a description of a game, it should be at least somewhat decent. And definately not along the lines of "It is a two player shoot and destroy game. It can help settle arguments."

When you submit a preview, don't do it based entirely on a concept you spent fifteen minutes thinking about.

Thus endeth this quickish whinge. Which wasn't a quickish whinge. I lied. I know I said people wouldn't be named. I lied again. Honestly, some of you lot seem to be running on empty. There have recently been loads of these kinds of occurrances in the past month - particularly in the shareware/demo department.

I hope you learn from my little whinge. Because if I see stuff along these lines, I will be a horrible git and just delete whatever it is, without warning. Think before you post, and ask yourself the question "What would make Circy like me and my games?" :D

Posted by ChrisB 25th November, 2004

...a 2 pixel outline on every sprite.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 25th November, 2004

I totally agree with you Circy Probably because my name wasn't mentioned ;) And also there's the links "It's my page I welcome everybody..." personally, i think there should be a word limit for that. And there's the reviews aswell, i can't remember but it could of been Nuklear (not newklear ;)) productions that posted one with loads of dashes and stuff just to fill the word count Enough said.
Posted by Pete Nattress 25th November, 2004

easy on the prozac circ! it's 4 people, of whom 2 are ostensibly new to the site. bearing in mind there's nothing here to actually provide any reasonable description of what's required :/
Posted by Radix 25th November, 2004

This is why the tits on your keyboard should be electrodes, allowing certain people to recieve periodic shocks.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th November, 2004

I deleted him partly for stuff like that, but he came back and made peace.
Posted by Radix 25th November, 2004

Boo. When you ban someone, you should keep banning em till they get the message and go away. That's why you banned em in the first place, right?
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 25th November, 2004

Or just ban their ip
Posted by Radix 25th November, 2004

Idealy, but only the head admins can do that, apparently.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th November, 2004

Yes. Which is another BIGDUM thing on this site XD I feel its time to make examples of people, because I'm feeling particularly evil right now ;)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th November, 2004

The above are all annoying, but I think actually naming people was going a bit far.
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th November, 2004

haha nice one. i couldnt see the bottom of this document in a mini window, but i was expecting to see my name XD
Posted by Zimtower 25th November, 2004

circy:There seems to be a distinct lack of stupidity this week, which is quite unusual ;) Of course, that's why this Eventful Moments do-lally is a bit bland right now. Please give me something interesting to write about next week ;) I though u liked stupidity?
Posted by Tigerworks 25th November, 2004

Dude, this is not the way to handle this problem! What's wrong with a PM to inform these people there's a problem? Need you go broadcasting these people with a fanfare declaring them to be idiots? Useless previews or downloads should be deleted or not approved, and a message sent to the submitter informing them why. If they repeatedly ignore the advice, none of their content will end up on the site :P
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 25th November, 2004

This sort of stuff definately had to be said, but perhaps the offenders shouldn't have been named. There should be a link on the main page to a 'TDC requirements' thing like this, but without the nastiness. ;)
Posted by nev0` 25th November, 2004

Funny thing is that this "name flame on the front page" thing has happened to him, and he got angry. Now he does this. Isnt it a bit hypocritical?
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 25th November, 2004

Oh, how I long for the good ol' days when Circy himself would have been among the named.
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 25th November, 2004

Also, complaining about ignorance on The Daily Click is like complaining about having too much bread in a bakery.
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 25th November, 2004

Oops, forgot my coat.
Posted by Silveraura 25th November, 2004

The only reasion I didnt put anything about it being a demo was because Pkeod said not too, but I am going to take the (DEMO) out of the name & make sure it says inside the game that it is a demo. Because it doesnt seem to be getting any attention, because when people see (DEMO) they most chances think its an incompleted klik game that will never be finished at DC & skip over it.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 25th November, 2004

Try calling it shareware trial instead
Posted by Silveraura 26th November, 2004

Its not a trial though, its a 3 level demo.
Posted by Flava 26th November, 2004

IF TDC wants screenshots on all previews and downloads, then why don't they just make it so that the script won't allow people to submit things without screenshots? Pretty recently I've seen some downloads with useless descriptions to - so it could actually be the admins fault for approving them in the first place.. If you really want to take action - you could also make it so that admins have to approve previews too.. See there are these problems that can easily be fixed by TDC themselves - rather than blurting it all out on the front page..
Posted by Radix 26th November, 2004

Flava, that sort of thing requires changes to be made by the super admins. The regular mods can't do that sort of thing. Since the greater gods are either all dead or in a semi-concious dormant state, we're stuck with the system we have for the most part. Apart from that, people are responsible for their own actions. You can't blame the site for people being retards because it fails to stop them being retards.
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th November, 2004

remember clubsoft is working on a new site which should hopefully solve some of these problems...
Posted by SircatmaN 26th November, 2004

You forgot to say [b]DON'T REVIEW YOUR OWN GAME[/b]. That is all.
Posted by Snakesoft 26th November, 2004

Instead of blaming newbies, it would be more useful to implement a clear "how to use DC" section, with link in high evidence.. i.e. in the header of the website, under the menu with the other sections (apart from the menu itself, so that it's more visible).. in 2 week this news will disappear from the frontpage, and there will always be newbies.. :)
Posted by Tigerworks 26th November, 2004

Do previews have to be approved or do they appear straight on? If they go straight on, why the difference to downloads? If they have to be approved, which BIGDUM admin is doing that :P
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2004

I'm not declaring anyone here to be an idiot. I wish I knew who edited my original news post and got rid of the names mentioned, actually (I'm guessing it was Shab), because now this persons edited it, it makes the whole thing seem less humourous and more like a bitching session, whereas it was initially intended to be a bit of humourous bantering. Henceforth, all of the XD's and ;)'s :P Besides, I'm frequently mentioning this stuff on the front page, and no-one seems to take heed of it, so I thought I'd try a slightly different approach. It's not that different from the "Eventful Moments" feature I use every Saturday, which most of you seem to like.
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th November, 2004

downloads need to be approved to check the URLs. though you can get a script to do it (i have one on Klik Academy).
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2004

Btw, Previews go straight on, for some reason. And I have no control over that :|
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 26th November, 2004

pete> Problem with that script though is that if you have a zip file with a space in it. Like my Battle Painter game. Obviously i could of changed it but i already did the neccesary coding for the folder name Battle Painter. Anyway, if it has a space it won't accept the file.
Posted by scaneider 26th November, 2004

"What would make Circy like me and my games?" Woah, why would they need to think how to make YOU like them? :P
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2004

You didn't see the original "humourous" side to this post :P Which some admin edited to get rid of the names...
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 26th November, 2004

Yer, but now it's just as worse because the guy who editted it kept the " When you submit a preview, do NOT make it like THIS ONE" which makes it looks like you're only picking on 'Chrissers Games'
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 26th November, 2004

Also screenshots should be essential. It's not like it's that hard to do/get them.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2004

Exhibit nth:
Posted by Clubsoft 26th November, 2004

Well, to those who use BMP's.. *spamspam*
Posted by Pabloa 28th November, 2004

I heard from Sean I got my name in here...Well lets wrap this up so I can get my name off there. I'm not going to sit around while someone takes aimless shots at me. This news thread started out because of your assumption to my game, which you thought was fake. Dude, how much content was in the stupid previews (4 lines), and how much content did I put up there (30 lines)? I practically almost gave the entire game away. It made sense compared to these: Ok, I'll admit one thing, I should have sent up more images instead of the title but as I said "The engine is almost finished" which is mainly how I work, I'm still waiting on all the sprites I ripped to be transformed into halloween style sprites. But enough of the excuses. In the future. Put up a note on the previews page saying the minimum ammount of images we need. And lastly, I think it as irresponsible as an Admin to be pointing fingers at people. And even more irresponsible for admins to be FLAMING other users.
Posted by Muggus 29th November, 2004

Whinge whinge...bloody Poms always whinging...first it was the footy, now this...what next? :P


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