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News posted 9th December, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Spiderhead has submitted a new (and final) preview of his currently 80% finished game Spiderhead! The game looks better each time I see it.

Click here to view the preview and see its comments

Another snippet of news: Pkeod has submitted an article detailing the pros of Shareware, and selling your klik applications. Can be found here!

Final Note: I'm still getting frequent DC mails from various individuals requesting front page coverage - so please stop that. Additionally, there's been a sudden surge in DC Mails requesting custom user ratings for the forums. Again, it would be cool if you could stop that as well please ;)

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 9th December, 2004

Unlucky on those DC mails Circy... Although i used to send you them :P
Posted by ChrisB 9th December, 2004

zomg circy can i have a custam rating pls kthx
Posted by X_Sheep 9th December, 2004

Don't need to ask for custom ratings, I already got one ;) Of course, that results in people DC-mailing me asking how I got my custom rating :P
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 9th December, 2004

Plz may i have 'Admin' :P
Posted by Blackgaze 9th December, 2004

I don't mind being an admin, and I will not flood news crap about my games. I'm always on TDC (mainly as a guest)
Posted by Batchman 9th December, 2004

um french title ? it could be ...
Posted by ChrisB 9th December, 2004

C'est 'franglais'
Posted by AntiChrist 9th December, 2004

i asked once, no need to spread the news :-P baad circy baaaaaad
Posted by Batchman 10th December, 2004

"news" fait maitenant parti du language courant, et snippet s'emploie car il n'y a pas d'equivalent simple en français ton titre pourrait etre entièrement français :)
Posted by ChrisB 10th December, 2004

Est-ce n'est pas 'actualités' normalement? Je pensé que le francais évitait les mots anglaises :P
Posted by The Chris Street 10th December, 2004

For Gods sake please speak Winglish ;)
Posted by Silveraura 10th December, 2004

Winglish eh? Ok, I guwss I can try to spwak of the wnglish.
Posted by Batchman 11th December, 2004

GOOD : "Ce n'est pas 'actualités' normalement? Je pensai que le français évitait les mots anglais" what's this winglish thing ? earn you money from microsoft when speaking that ?


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