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Circy's Quirky Quotations #1
News posted 11th December, 2004 by The Chris Street  
I've decided to get rid of the Eventful Moments section, which usually goes with GOTW. Instead, I've chosen to trial a new portion at TDC called Circy's Quirky Quotations. General buffoonery will be quoted here on the front page, as well as interesting tid-bits and other things. Please be aware that this is all in good fun - don't take offense if your name ends up here on the receiving end on this front page! If all goes well, and this section gets a good response, I will try and make it a permanant feature at TDC. So, here we go...

Brandon Cassata, on the recent Spiderhead preview:
"Nice to see your sticking to your game. Not often that occurs."
Location: HERE

ToTaL, on a scathing attack on Radix regarding a Breakout game:
"I personally, think I have every given right to agree with who the **** I want... **** ball "
Location: HERE

Radix retaliates:
"Oh lawds, I have been wounded so very deeply. Such horrible language used by nine-year-olds these days! Shocked I am! Shocked!"
Location: HERE

Joe - Scorpion E, on Breakout and wrestling:
"Like Trinny and whatsit's what not to wear, there should be a TDC's what not to create - breakout and this being some of them "
Location: HERE

Teapot F.K.A Damien M, on AndyUK:
"I love you AndyUK, so I'm going to download this hoping that you'll be tracing IPs of downloaders and you'll come across mine. Then you'll track me down to my house and whisk me away in the middle of the night...

...or not. "

Location: HERE

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