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New Application - PowerPaint
News posted 16th December, 2004 by The Chris Street  
An interesting new application has been submitted to TDC called PowerPaint. Obviously it's a paint program, and created by Mike from Mikliz. Extra stuff has been added to this to diferentiate this from Microsoft Paint. There is a slight problem though; several people have reported difficulties in downloading it. Comments from the Author:
"PowerPaint is a paint program designed after Microsoft Paint. It include palette editing,loading and saving, multi-format support and image filters for special effects. The PowerPaint Clipboard allows you to view your PowerPaint clipboard or the Windows Clipboard easily. "

Click here to download the application and read its reviews

Posted by Silveraura 16th December, 2004

Thanks Circy ^_^ For someone who claimed he would never add a nonklik program to the home page, I think it was really nice for you to accept my request for my friend. :-)
Posted by The Chris Street 16th December, 2004

I actually posted this before I got your mail :P If I had known it was a non klik product, it wouldn't have made it here.
Posted by Faithtoken 17th December, 2004

LOL, oh well its christmas after all >.<


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