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3ee is open again
News posted 18th December, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well Brandon C just informed me that the creators of the MOOAPI, 3ee are back again, but here's what he told me.

After many people wondering what happened to the creators of the MOOClick extention, 3EE, after being suspended for so long, is atlast back on its feet! Not to mention that they come baring a nice gift. For registered users of MOOAPI, you will recieve a nice fresh copy of MOOAPI 1.24, but not to mention that if you have a copy of MMF 1.5 you will recieve MOOClick 1.24 in the next update of MMF!
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Posted by Silveraura 18th December, 2004

As another miniture tab to that, Sitesled is back up, so if you are waiting to upload your game or download someone elses & couldnt because Sitesled was down, its back up. :-)
Posted by Klikmaster 18th December, 2004

Thats all good news
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 18th December, 2004

also, Ryguy over at 3ee has been busy, and hasnt checked his Paypal e.t.c for MOOAPI orders, but they have hired "Monica" who will now be handling all orders and that stuff, so if you ordered your MOOAPI you should receive it soon.
Posted by Tigerworks 18th December, 2004

Yep, everyone who's desperate to order now can go ahead :)
Posted by Assault Andy 18th December, 2004

That's great news. I hope that documentation is fixed aswell.
Posted by Silveraura 18th December, 2004

if I get enough money for christmas, MOOAPI is MINE! :-P
Posted by Jack Galilee 19th December, 2004

Just in time when I start on my wonderfull new games online components!
Posted by Justin 20th December, 2004

It is really Great that 3ee is back, but I must warn you having downloaded the 1.24 update...wait! Some of the worst bugs in 1.23 are not fixed, and more importantly new bugs have been introduced. I just reinstalled the mmf 117 update to go back to mooclick 1.23. I have sent 3ee examples of all the bugs i have found so hopefully there will be a 1.25 soon.
Posted by steve 20th December, 2004

Ryan has been busy? I sent him my open sourced cca project over 3 months ago for him to fix (moogame related) and he has been missing ever since that day. Could somebody who is lucky enough to still have contact with him please ask him to get back to me now, thanks.


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