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GOTW #115 - Ug: Combat Unevolved
News posted 26th December, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Aaron Tomko has wrapped up a pretty good victory in GOTW (or two) with Ug: Combat Unevolved. Pulling up in a second place we have Chair Man 2 by Rumney.

In this week's GOTW we have Bizarreness, Santa's Christmas Cracker 2, The Mechanical Santa, Nastyman Advance,Teacher Boxing, The Manly Adventures of PoPo,and Chairman 3.
That's a lot better than what we had going last week, lets keep getting stuff submitted so we can have a GOTW next week, ok?

Eventful Moments of the Week:

  • The TDC Member Awards 2004 edition are going on here. With such useful catagories as Worst game, Best Avatar, and a couple others, it's bound to be interesting.
  • Noodle is looking for members to put in a football management game, check it out here.
  • Clickteam has released MMF Build 118, which you can get by clicking here.
    Ok, that's it go enjoy your holidays!!

  • Posted by Joe.H 26th December, 2004

    Wayne Rooney's favourite 2 letter word (ug) wins. and when are we going to see a new poll? maybe a christmassy one?
    Posted by Tigerworks 26th December, 2004

    And the first MMF patch for a few months doesn't even make an eventful moment?
    Posted by asdas 28th December, 2004

    Ug: Combat Unevolved kicks azz ^^, cant stop playing it.. its definitly worth the gotw :D.


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