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New Game: Paths to Ęther
News posted 14th January, 2005 by Rikus  

Its a dark misty night, you hear the rumbling of something in the distance, what is that noice.. around you little pebbles start to move as the sounds appears to comes closer...out of the misty fog something appears and you are shocked.. its...a Tank!.. ...erg.. anyway, i had to say something:) Sensation has submitted a neat little tank game. With some great options and very nice graphics. Worth a look. Comments from the Author: Paths to Ęther is a simple Shoot 'Em Up game, with emphasis on game mechanic customization, the main idea is that, violence - portrayed through shooting - is one of the many paths to Ęther, otherwise similar to nirvana or heaven. So you can think of it as being able to accomplish as much as you can before entering the Ęther, in this case it just so happens that the higher the score you attain for kills the better you will feel about it at the end! Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

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