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News posted 16th January, 2005 by Rikus  

Take a good look around folks because Dc 3.0 is on its way. Starting today i'm going to dedicate my free time to really get this thing done. Club does not know it yet but i'm going to be his best friend for the next couple of months until we get this finished. I did the same thing when we where making this dc and it worked really well:) The design is finished (Hurray) now its time for all those neato features, now me and club have some wild and cool plans, and i wont tell all of them until you see the new site, hehehe:) If you have any ideas you would like to see in the new dc this is the moment to tell me because once i finished my innital list to give to club that's it, we will only focus on those things to get the thing finished.

What can you expect? Well everything that's annoying you now about the dc will be either improved, removed or changed. (Things like edit comments, new dc msg mailbox system, and the new and if i may say really cool new dc points buy/sell goodies system) Its all there, no worries:) What do you say.. you don't like blue? Hey why not use the great new skin changer, change it to your own personal taste!

At the end of this i want you to scratch your head and be like... damn.. I have nothing to complain about anymore. That's my mission. I'm going to finish this list in the next couple of days so let me know if you want to add anything to it and i'll hand it over to club, after that me and club will keep going back and forth how things are going.

I don't know if anyone remembers but back in the day when this site was being created me and club had a little update page where you could see how things where doing and how much the site was completed, next weekend i will have a new "update 3.0" page online where you can follow with what the heck we are doing, so folks have a good look around take the old dc in, remember how it was because its going to change fo the better its time for a new version. :)

Posted by Tigerworks 16th January, 2005

YaY! Pretty much all my thoughts are summarised here: I bet you'll do a great job!
Posted by ChrisB 16th January, 2005

"At the end of this i want you to scratch your head and be like... damn.. I have nothing to complain about anymore." So you're deleting 50% of TDC's members? That's the kind of efficiency I like.
Posted by Jason Orme 16th January, 2005

Where do we post the new ideas? Demo Of The Week, anyone? ;)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th January, 2005

We were talking about having an age rating system for downloads, it'd be cool to implement that, or something.
Posted by Smeggy 16th January, 2005

I eagerly look forward to this.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 16th January, 2005

The thread Tigerworks posted is a good place to find our collective thoughts on what a new site should have. I advise you check that out if you want to know our opinions. :)
Posted by Radix 16th January, 2005

A self-rating system would be neat.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th January, 2005

woo! this sounds pretty good to me *toddles of to bed*
Posted by Buster 17th January, 2005

I hope you've added little button shortcuts to add the image code, smileys ect to the add post/comment boxes. Also I think images in signitures should come back, but also the option to turn them on & off. Anyway it sounds good!
Posted by Blaz3R 17th January, 2005

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 17th January, 2005

I agree with the idea of a self-rating system. A tag or option that turns off smilies in posts would be good as well, as when people try to write conditions they often come out covered in them.
Posted by X_Sheep 17th January, 2005

AWESOMENESS! I think it'd be cool if you could submit your own skins or something.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th January, 2005

"dc points buy/sell goodies system" What kinda stuff?
Posted by X_Sheep 17th January, 2005

Posted by DaVince 17th January, 2005

What about getting more or less DC points depending on the popularity of your game? And Preview editing and rating too!
Posted by Pete Nattress 17th January, 2005

automated download link verifying! don't say it can't be done as i have it on KA ;)
Posted by Klikmaster 17th January, 2005

A better rating system, get rid of thumbs up/down
Posted by Tigerworks 17th January, 2005

Bigger avatars (100x100?) and auto thumbnailing of screenshots.
Posted by JP 17th January, 2005

Posted by Radix 17th January, 2005

Pete: but it doesn't fucking work! At least for me.
Posted by Brad  17th January, 2005

here are my suggestions in no particular order ;) Personal top ten lists. Eight star rating system system as opposed to the thumbs. Temporary usernames, deleted if you don't log in in ___ amount of time. Earn points totals. Ip logging of everything. System that censors posts at the user's request. Greater amount of control over profiles and ratings. A design that looks good in all browsers and macs. Yeah.. that's about it.
Posted by Silveraura 17th January, 2005

A little idea for the ratings, I dont know if this was said or not because I dont go around reading every post in the board or every news post, but DC points could be earned by how high your articles, games, & stuff of rated by other people, that way people do better, to get more thumbs up & 5 star ratings so they can get DC points. That way DC points will actually mean something more then how much you've added or spammed DC. :-)
Posted by Kisguri 17th January, 2005

KlikDisc Submission Link????
Posted by Joshtek 17th January, 2005

You should be able to say what you made your game in - useful for filtering ^_^
Posted by Buster 17th January, 2005

Tigerworks, I wouldn't mind bigger avatars either, what is it now somthing like 60X56, who came up with that.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 18th January, 2005

yeah, 80x80 would be good for avatars also, make it so we can change another user's custom title for a certain amount of points finally, implement a "quick review" thing where lazy members who don't want to write out a big review can just vote on a game's gfx, gameplay, sound/music, presentation, and lastability. Those results would be displayed above the game in the info area or whatever.
Posted by DaVince 18th January, 2005

I said that about the ratings, Brandon. Yeah! Support for small images in the signature (max 50x30, for example).
Posted by X_Sheep 18th January, 2005

Interview section! :D
Posted by Tigerworks 18th January, 2005

Less wasted space on the forum too, one line posts still take up quite a height. I like Brad's idea of user requested censorship, presumably on by default.
Posted by Tigerworks 19th January, 2005

Also from the forum: devlogs.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 20th January, 2005

I don't care if the avatars are bigger, I just want them to be custom shapes, not a forced 60x56, and just make it so they shrink only if necessary
Posted by DaVince 20th January, 2005

When you create a link, don't show emoticons. Oh wait... make a no-emoticons tag: XD
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2005

Hey, here's another one: Preview your post. So you can see how it will look, and checking if you didn't make any mistakes, or seeing that emoticons messed up the message.
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2005

"Emoticon skin": change the way your emoticons look. The ideas keep flowing in my mind. This one would be pretty unique.
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2005

...Another one: Show the game type next to the download list, so you can see if it's a demo, engine, game, RPG, and so on. This should really be implemented.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 21st January, 2005

How about making it so you can set your own smiley scheme?
Posted by DaVince 22nd January, 2005

Heh. That would probably take up too much loading time for some people, if everyone shows different smileys.


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