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TDC Christmas Competition Winners
News posted 21st January, 2005 by The Chris Street  
The results are in! The winner of The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2004 is Eve, with his game Super Santa Snowland. Eve wins a copy of MMF 1.5 Standard (provided by Clickteam and as he requested), plus 100 DC Points.

Second place goes to Dr Evil Face for his game Fat Santa. He gains a nice 75 DC Points, while Radix is third with his entry Santasm. Thanks go out to everyone who took part, and to Pete and Shab for the time consuming task of judging. The full results can be found


along with the relevant information on each game, download links and screenshots. And, for those who can't be bothered, but would like to see their games on the front page anyway, here's the list in order of victory...

1. Super Santa Snowland (Eve)
2. Fat Santa (Dr Evil Face)
3. Santasm (Radix)
4. Christmas Conquest (Snerlin of Neonair)
5. Santa Takeback (Icegames)
6. Santa: A Late Christmas (Phizzy)
7. Santa en Argentino (Jeremiah)
8. Floating Head Santa (Batel of Neonair)

Posted by Hernan 21st January, 2005

About time you announced them, circy. Congratulations Eve!
Posted by The Chris Street 21st January, 2005

Not my fault, really. Lazy judges XD
Posted by Jeremiah 21st January, 2005

I guess I was a little confused. I didn't know we were supposed to copy exactly every mechanic of a mario game.
Posted by TechVision 21st January, 2005

Yeah, congrats Eve. Very cool game. Excellent programming. First Jacky Bomb yesterday and now this. Cool.
Posted by CYS 21st January, 2005

Omg, i must say eve's game is excellent.
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st January, 2005

Nice one eve. :)
Posted by AS Filipowski 21st January, 2005

Yay I didnt come last again!!!, mind you, I didnt enter either >_< Was that 8th game worse then mine? or better?
Posted by RapidFlash 21st January, 2005

Didn't Eve make Red Feud?
Posted by AS Filipowski 21st January, 2005

I entered last years comp, and came 12th
Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2005

Well I didnt enter, but even if I would have, I wouldnt have beat Eve, thats pretty nice. Competly fair judging, no complaints from me. ^_^
Posted by TechVision 21st January, 2005

Yes Rapidflash. And Jacky Bomb which is out now. It's some pretty sweet games Eve creates. Haven't tried Quest West though (I believe the link is broken).
Posted by Radix 21st January, 2005

Dammit, I thought Snerlin was my only opponent. Oh well, I beat him at least.
Posted by Radix 21st January, 2005

Hey, could someone change my rating back please? I don't want your dirty DC points.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 21st January, 2005

Wow, Eve's game is awesome(although somewhat hard). I must say that Fat Santa has good graphics and Marioishness, but he moves way too fast. The 3D graphics in Santa Takeback are pretty cool. I must say though, I'm very impressed with Eve's game and must say that my game sucks in comparison. XD
Posted by Dustin Gunn 21st January, 2005

The winning entry really impressed me, but damn does it need midpoints
Posted by Dustin Gunn 21st January, 2005

Fat Santa's pretty awful though, doesn't leave my hopes up high for the 3rd one
Posted by Dustin Gunn 21st January, 2005

Nevermind, 3rd place is stunningly better than Fat Santa...
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 21st January, 2005

woot! i got in the top ten...
Posted by Tigerworks 21st January, 2005

I'll have your DC points if you dont want them, Radix.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 21st January, 2005

Lol! Go Batel! Your game is the best of all of them!
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st January, 2005

god dammit! i didnt win :(
Posted by Dustin Gunn 21st January, 2005

Now that you've tried satire, Jay, you know it doesn't fit you. We learn new things every day!
Posted by Radix 22nd January, 2005

Sure thing Tigs. Rather than recieving 50 DC points, I got about -30,000.
Posted by Pete Nattress 22nd January, 2005

i changed yours back Radix.
Posted by TechVision 22nd January, 2005

Phizzy wrote: >Techvision, why do you keep making irrelevant connections to your game? Well I don't. I was just lauding Eve's game creation talents. Jacky Bomb (like Super Santa Snowland) was originally by Eve. I just added a few things and re-released it.
Posted by Radix 23rd January, 2005

Thanks Petey honey.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 23rd January, 2005

Jay (NewKlear): "God dammit I didn't win!" God dammit I didn't enter! ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 23rd January, 2005

P.S. Congrats to everyone that won. And that was very good for a first game, Batel. :)
Posted by Airflow 24th January, 2005

Those 75 points gave me the word 'ass' in my rating. I'm happy, X)
Posted by Chrisbo 25th January, 2005

I really, really liked the first place game. Very nice and polished!
Posted by Andi Smith 26th January, 2005

I've not played a bad game from Eve. Jacky Bomber, Red Feud, Super Santa Snowland.. all awesome. Eve has awesome talent which I very much admire. Can't wait for the next game!


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