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New Engine - MGS: Virtual Missions Engine Test
News posted 26th January, 2005 by Assault Andy  
Podunkian has created a new engine entitled MGS: Virtual Missions Engine Test. It is a humourous fun little one level demo with some brilliant co-ordinate based AI. I'm very impressed by the AI and you should all check this engine out.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Pete Nattress 27th January, 2005

get your own colour, biatch!
Posted by Pete Nattress 27th January, 2005

i changed it for you andy ^.^
Posted by Hernan 27th January, 2005

Who the hell cares about the font colour?! (besides Pete that is)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2005

Each admin has their own unique colour for text in news posts - though it doesn't make much difference to me, being colourblind and all. All I know is that I'm #BB0000.
Posted by Assault Andy 27th January, 2005

Well actually I was trying to make it orange. It looked like that in dreamweaver, which I was using because I cbf'd to write it all out in html. Sorry it came out your colour.


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