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New Preview: Un-Named RPG
News posted 20th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Well we don't know the story yet or even a name, but Jay Tholen the maker of this new rpg sure has the spirit to make this into a hopefully great game. Comments from Author: Yea, yea, it is impossible. I know what the critics say, but if V-Real can do it, so can I! All that I have is a cutscene, which may not even be used, and a little story line to ride on. I know a few things for sure, it will be a fantasy theme, like D&D, it will have turn based combat. Click here to read the full preview

Posted by DrJake 23rd May, 2002

That's some well thought out game name their! lol You must have works 24h to get a name like that!


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