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The Daily Click turns 4!!
News posted 14th March, 2005 by Rikus  
Hi folks, argh we missed it again but i just wanted to let everyone know that on March 6th the Daily Click turned 4 years old. The big "5" is coming up and i think we should do something cool when that date arrives - any ideas anyone? I also took a screenshot of the "2001" version of the DC, click on it for a bigger view. So I just wanted to thank everyone again for their continued support of the dc in all these years and with the dc3 coming up, we are not slowing down. So take a piece of cake and post a comment on this always cool event... ohh i'll have the strawberry one please...

Posted by CYS 14th March, 2005

Ah that design sure brings back memories, i don't know why, but i actually would love to have that design back. :P
Posted by Radix 14th March, 2005

Next time around, you should give us all candy and methamphetames.
Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 14th March, 2005

i prefer the latter
Posted by Rikus 14th March, 2005

Me Gives Chicken some Banana Cake, here ya go buddy enjoy!
Posted by 醤油の兵士 14th March, 2005

give me skins or give me death XD
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 15th March, 2005

I joined in early 2002 and it's the first time I see the first skin of this community... It was ugly... 8)
Posted by DaVince 15th March, 2005

You just love that 8), don't you XD
Posted by Simon Colmer 15th March, 2005

i joined in 2003 and there havnt been any major changed except hosting and the background! lol! wow, the dc must be the longest living 3rd party community for click products! GO DC!! :D
Posted by Joshua M. 15th March, 2005

heh, well it isn't as old as the screenie above, but this one is old as well :p:
Posted by Bartman 15th March, 2005

Ah, bravo, bravo. I've been here for or two years, I've lost count and the Daily Click is one of the best places I've ever been to. Here we go for 2005.
Posted by axel 15th March, 2005

i've only been a member for six weeks, i think... i feel a bit left outside
Posted by X_Sheep 15th March, 2005

I thought at first that screenie was a preview of what DC3 would be like XD
Posted by AndyUK 15th March, 2005

I joined mid 2001 i but i dont remember that design. Well by coincedence in the link joshua put in his post there is a review of Tops the pig 1!! lol 9\10 too. Overrated it is.
Posted by Phredreeke 15th March, 2005

Joshua: cool part is that my game is featured on the latest download list.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 15th March, 2005 That one has the timeline on :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th March, 2005

i remember reading those exact news years ago :) why dont u change the design back :P
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 15th March, 2005

The design should be changed, its been this way to long...
Posted by RapidFlash 15th March, 2005

I've been here 3 years now. That timeline mention brings back memories.
Posted by Joshtek 17th March, 2005

Wow, yet another nostalgic "It has been another year" post. I've been through all the DCs, and all the predecessors (AP-Zone, The Rikus Kras Page, etc) and I'm glad that Rikus has stayed with us, despite a few "I'm leaving forever" type posts. To quote AP-Zone: "I never knew it would happen but i lost the passion to play games most of the time. I have no idea why. I loved updating this site and play all of your games but i don't have the time or the will anymore to check it out. Its time to move on and do other cool things. There are so many other things going on that i cant spend my time updating this wonderful site. The last commercial game i really played was Gabriel Knight 3 and that was released last year. All my old games are moving to the closet to make space for other things. I also lost the pleasure of using mirc and going to cool channels like #k&p. I just wanted to thank all of these great people that i have met at this scene: David Willis, Martin Braid, Sprite (Steven), Pat Jennings, Craig Jardine, Cragmyre- I finally know what you where talking about), Nobu, Marcello, Jordi, Christian,Zenith, everyone at the wall and the clickteam forums. Thanks for the great times people. I am now closing this chapter of the great book they call life. Rikus Kras creator of the Ap-zone."
Posted by Rikus 18th March, 2005

I'm glad you are still around to Josh, you rock! Yea that was a sad day closing down the ap-zone but hey i have to admit it that i just can't leave the click community, it holds a spiffy place in my life now, and maybe that's not such a bad thing.
Posted by Rikus 18th March, 2005

-me waits for sarcastic reply from Radix;)- j/k Radix you rock to even if you don't want to hear it;)
Posted by Xordien 18th March, 2005

Well then, congratulations, I guess, or maybe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, nah, umm... I guess that 'congratulations' is enough. Arrg. Four years. Is that mean that you're gonna make a new theme for the site? Anyway personally I think that this theme is fine and comfortable. Aggggge, Im a member for a few days. :-| Congratulations again. And as Simon Colmer said (What a sycophant I am, lol :P ) : GO DC!!! (: - Xordien
Posted by YS (YoshiStar) 19th March, 2005

I was thinking that this might be a nice header I made...
Posted by Joshtek 23rd March, 2005

Rikus: In fact, everyone related to Locked 7 rocks. :D


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