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New Daily Click Desktop Contest 2005
News posted 26th March, 2005 by Rikus  

We did it before and we are going to do it again, yay! Welcome to the 2005 Daily CLick Desktop Contest! Here is how it works. You take a screenshot of your windows desktop and either upload it to your site and post a link to the image on the forum topic below, or send the image to me at: and i will upload it for you. Please resize the image to 640:480 if you can. Next Saturday the admins will do a vote who has the coolest/weidest/interesting desktop. The winner will get a front page mention and not 1 but "2" new stars for there dc-rating.
Click here to go to the DeskTop Contest Forum.

Click here for a bigger version of my desktop.

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 26th March, 2005

that's a bad ass desktop there Rikus.
Posted by Rikus 26th March, 2005

Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 27th March, 2005

pfffft ghost in the shell HA i scoff at ye, now a default windows background, THATS something to marvel
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 27th March, 2005

I'm aware it's ghost in the shell, but the BG just looks cool, it's a well made background.
Posted by Tigerworks 27th March, 2005

Hahaha my desktop is a giant Terminal Orbit wallpaper ^_^
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 27th March, 2005

nice, but how can u not have My Computer shown?
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 27th March, 2005

I don't have My computer shortcut on mine either :P
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 27th March, 2005

i have my computer open alot...(u know, so i can access C:\ and whatever else there may be...) i know theres other way but it just seems faster with it on the desktop...
Posted by Muz 29th March, 2005

Could DC staff enter the contest? :P Hmm.. even if I could enter, I don't think I'd be able to get back to my desktop in time. :(
Posted by axel 29th March, 2005

hahaha! i bet noone wants to see my desktop. It's such a mess you can't see the wallpaper! and even worse: i made the wallpaper myself! XD
Posted by axel 29th March, 2005

ah, now i know! i make a "circy rulez" wallpaper! then i can be sure to win! XD
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 29th March, 2005

circy doesnt own DC, what makes u think u will win?
Posted by axel 30th March, 2005

take it EZ i was just being sarcastic
Posted by Rikus 30th March, 2005

Dc Staff members can enter.. they just can't umm win:)
Posted by axel 31st March, 2005

NOOOO! {no}
Posted by axel 31st March, 2005

u know, i'd rather die than make a "circy rulez wallpaper"! shit! the ACBR!! RUUUUUUUUUN!


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