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New Game: DogFight
News posted 5th May, 2005 by Rikus  

In a second of free time i decided this front page needed an update (gives a surpising glare to the other admins). ShadowStorm submitted a cool new multiplayer game called Dogfight. Its a nice action game that's certainly worth a try.

Comments from the author: It's a muiltiplayer, where the players are planes that fight each other. You have rokets that recharge and unlimited Guns / Cannons . You are fighting over a desert island and are taking flight from an aircraft carrier. Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Muz 5th May, 2005

What? There were no other games worth posting up there. Well, none I've accepted from the Pending page anyway :P
Posted by Rikus 5th May, 2005

That's true if there is nothing to report, you can't do much but you can also try and get creative compo's, news from around the community, there is always something:)
Posted by Joshua M. 6th May, 2005

You should have put 'Time Cogs Apotheosis' on the frontpage. Pretty good game :)
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 6th May, 2005

Yeah, Not that piece of Crap!!!! :p
Posted by axel 6th May, 2005

Why do you always end your new game reports with 'worth a try.', Rikus XD
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 6th May, 2005

Oh well, I think everything is worth a try! EVEN IF IT'S CRAP LIKE THIS! XD
Posted by The Chris Street 6th May, 2005

Trust me, there really wasn't anything worth reporting. Unless Phizzy in his mum's bra counts.
Posted by Joshua M. 6th May, 2005

{mad} Where is the Timecogs game... where!!!
Posted by axel 6th May, 2005

stop being so mean to the newcomers, circy :'( the timecogs game was brutally deleted, and so was Phizzy's billy bob game :( he sent me it later on msn though :)


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